Rolando ,

Interesting article.

“For every new plane you put up into the sky there are about 20,000 problems you need to solve, and for a long time we used to say Boeing’s core competency was piling people and money on top of a problem until they crushed it,” says Stan Sorscher, a longtime Boeing physicist and former officer of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), the labor union representing Boeing engineers. But those people are gone.


I didn't read this.

But life isn't what people think it is. Not many people are actually really living. And there's a lot more evil in everyone's daily lives than they could imagine. Right under their noses.
It's closer to a "worse case scenario" than it's is freedom or living.
Hell is real and we live there.

...sorry for sounding so angsty and poetic? But it's true. And we can't even fix or change this it's all so far gone, built by generations of greed and "evil". There are no sides... Just you, just me all individually stuck in hell. Killing ourselves fighting limitless devil's our naiveness of generations helped build and thrive.

die444die ,

I didn't read this.

Then why are you commenting on it?


Because I can, lol.

afk_strats ,

Please step away from screens for a bit. There are bad things/people in the world. Always have been, always will be. Your comment history has me worried for your sake.

ilega_dh ,

Linux is a lifestyle

Yeah this guy has issues

— a fellow Linux user

Aatube , avatar

I actually don't find that objectionable
— a fellow Linux user and conscientious meatist

mozz OP , avatar

There are people in the world right now who really do wake up every day to hell on earth, like you or I can't imagine

And people who have no ability at all (at least right now) to change things

I'm not saying things are easy for you or sit in judgement or anything like that. I hope things get better and I really do. But at the same time if you're on Lemmy, you are not either one of those.

L0rdMathias ,

I didn't read this, but did you guys know that Zerglings from the game StarCraft: Brood War have a unique upgrade called Adrenal Glands. After applying the upgrade they are colloquially referred to as "Cracklings" because they attack so quickly. This upgrade, only available after evolving a Hive, makes Zerglings extremely effective in the late game, and allows them to swarm enemy units and bases much more effectively. Despite their small size and low health, with this upgrade, Zerglings can become a critical component of the Zerg army, showcasing the game's strategic depth and the importance of upgrades.


I didn't read this.

Vanth , avatar

I didn't read your comment because I can't read.

Aatube , avatar


bionicjoey ,


henfredemars ,

Man I really hate these you need effective crowd control at all times of against Zerg but as Protoss I'm always too slow to tech into robotics.

the_tab_key ,

I did read this.

RamblingPanda ,

I did read this, and I never managed to rush effectively. But Brood War was so good. Still a beloved memory.

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