eldrichhydralisk ,

The only reason I had a Twitter account was because there was an emergency event in my local area and Twitter was the one place I could get information about it right now. There were locals sharing what they knew, emergency services telling people what measures needed to be taken where, and journalists on the ground saying what they knew in real time. It was invaluable.

When I left Twitter, that ability to follow breaking news as it happens was the thing I was afraid I'd miss out on most. It's bittersweet to find out that I didn't need to worry about that after all.

dumples ,
@dumples@kbin.social avatar

The sudden influx of random racists on a local space after a tragedy is cliche at this point. They are just waiting in the wings to spread some nonsense and pretend to be from there.

thejml ,

I used to use Twitter as a way of directly following a few sources of news. Follow NPR, BBS, Reuters,
Etc. I don’t know anyone who expected to learn of news from “the algorithm”. That’s still true today. Expect to get fed news from whatever is trending and you’ll be bamboozled, fed useless stories a day propaganda.

Some of these sources can instead be snagged from RSS feeds and Mastodon and besides official apps, those are much better ways to follow news and always have been.

Minotaur ,

It’s actually crazy how low the percentage of people under like… forty is now that actually gets their news direct from a news site. Seriously, i don’t know a single person from like 20-35 who actually just goes on the NPR or C-SPAN app or whatever.

It kind of sucks. So much news is just reading the headline and seeing a photo now. And I just feel like there’s something bad about being able to see a comment section on Twitter or Reddit or even Lemmy now on every news event. Makes for a lot more group think rather than just reading the news and going “huh”

Shake747 ,

Sometimes there's good discussion though, and it's good to hear different takes.

Having comments also gives less power to the writer, like could you imagine if we all took Fox News or CNN headlines at face value and didn't discuss them?

remotedev ,

Yea, you can't just read the news and go huh. anymore, because the news is no longer "this is what happened." Now it's "OMG YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS YOU'RE GONNA HATE THAT this happened AND EVERYONE IS PISSED"

Minotaur ,

Actually it’s really not at all. You’re probably just thinking about Reddit/lemmy/twitter posts when you write that.

Go on like NPR or C Span and actually read the news. It’s fine.

catloaf ,

The number of those news outlets is shrinking, though. It used to be that every city had a local paper with real news. Now they're all part of a media conglomerate and do the bare minimum of actual journalism.

Minotaur ,

You can literally just read news from less overtly biased news sources. There are scant few articles that I can think of where I really need a redditors interpretation of it

Shake747 ,

It's not so much what their interpretation is of the specific article is, it's more that you might find more information from someone who has info that was left out, or maybe another source that has conflicting information.

Could you show us a few not so biased news sources? I suppose this will also vary wildly by topic. A news outlet might be narrative/propaganda driven on one topic, but not about another.

It's so much mess (through corporate ties or money) to sort through, it's hard to trust any of them anymore

Wahots ,
@Wahots@pawb.social avatar

I get my news from a paper and it is a decent blend of good and bad news. Quality journalism. I gift articles often just to kinda fight back against the whole title-and-picture-only news.

alekwithak ,

I mean it was never actually a good place for news, aside from the top five trending stories, if you wanted infinite bad takes on them.

Hypx ,
@Hypx@fedia.io avatar

It's no longer a good place for news, discussion, or even real opinions. It's just an echo chamber of hate and closed-mindedness, and increasingly just bots talking to each other.

Seraph ,
@Seraph@kbin.social avatar

I'd argue it was a good place for FAST news. For a lot of major events you can find posts and videos from users before the media releases anything, which is kind of a first for humanity at least in terms of accessibility.

Now, if you're looking for ACCURATE news...

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