Discord: WaveWalnut#3884
Mastodon: @wavewalnut
Kbin: @wave_walnut
Pixelfed: @wave_walnut cover

I am ambitious and motivated. I enjoy challenges and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I don't feel comfortable when I'm not evolving and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do more good and achieve greatness. cover

Professional industrial and jewelry designer (here's my Bēhance portfolio), hard-sci-fi enjoyer, cat lover and procrastinator. Started a few communities on kbin: Urban Details, Industrial Design and Jewelry Design, feel free to join if you find those interesting.
You can tip me if you like or use something I made. cover

itty53 everywhere but twitter. cover

Aerospace engineer working to make aircraft greener & safer.

He/him. 🇺🇲

[TBD - What else goes in a profile?]

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Cover is my own photo. cover

Estudante de engenharia eletrônica cover

Developer and surfer of the web

Just another ordinary, average guy.

Hi, I'm Shauna! I'm a 37 year old transgender woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm also a Linux enthusiast, and a Web Developer by trade. Huge Star Trek fan, huge Soulsborne fan, and all-around huge nerd.

/u/outwrangle before everything went to shit in 2020, /u/emma_lazarus for a while after that, now I’m all queermunist! cover

Reddit refugee...wasting my time at now. cover

Queer transfem with an endless gaming backlog. cover

Basically a deer with a human face. Despite probably being some sort of magical nature spirit, his interests are primarily in technology and politics and science fiction.

Spent many years on Reddit and is now exploring new vistas in social media.

I’m just a guy cover

This is a recording.

I run the FBXL Network including FBXL Search, FBXL Social, FBXL Lemmy, FBXL Lotide, and FBXL Video. Mostly for my own use because after having my heart broken by too many companies I want to be in control of my own world.

I also wrote The Graysonian Ethic: Lessons for my unborn son, now on Amazon cover

Great American humorist. C# developer. Open source enthusiast.

XMPP: [email protected]
Mastodon: [email protected]
Blog: cover

Scientist. Lacemaker.

Video Game Enjoyer, Systems Administrator, Community Manager and Moderator. More at cover

Pafdex official cover

Just a Dude cover

A man of leisure living in the present, waiting for the future.

We live during a critical point in history, and I am determined to laugh at it cover

I love meeting new people, learning about their lives and their environment. I can almost always find common ground with strangers, and I like to make people feel comfortable in my presence. cover

Neural Times is an AI-powered news site that autonomously selects topics, researches, writes, and publishes news. Drawing equal amounts of information from left, right, and center sources in each story, we aim to counteract political bias and polarization.

General love of all things linux and the choice it provides. I prefer to hang my hat in gentoo with e16 but do like to keep up with other stuff.

Best removelist in Sydny

Reddit refugee, RIP Apollo 7/1/2023. I laugh at comedy and love love. cover

Science enthusiast, Kemetic, libertarian socialist, Czech. cover


if you devalue trans people in any way, including nb people, please block me

I respectfully request that you not refer to me using slurs cover

Strange Claims Adjuster
Weird Naturalist
Spooky Geologist
Sharer of Interesting News
Main account is @idoubtit

Former Forensic Scientist with the Home Office.
Former active researcher in biosciences.
Former forum moderator on a high profile casual sex site (they no longer have a forum - was it something I did?)
Fundraising manager for a small-medium size charity.
Write articles for the Daily Twerk

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