Mysterious Interaction Between Quantum Matter and Gravity ( )

Have you ever pondered the mysteries of the universe? Specifically, the mind-bending realm where quantum mechanics and gravity intersect? Well, buckle up, because a recent paper by Thomas Galley, Flaminia Giacomini, and John Selby is about to take us on a fascinating journey into this enigmatic world. Their research provides a...

More than 10,000 research papers were retracted in 2023 ( )

The number of retractions issued for research articles in 2023 has passed 10,000 — smashing annual records — as publishers struggle to clean up a slew of sham papers and peer-review fraud. Among large research-producing nations, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia and China have the highest retraction rates over the past two...

Sorbonne University unsubscribes from the Web of Science ( )

Sorbonne University has been deeply committed to the promotion and the development of open science for many years. According to its commitment to open research information, it has decided to discontinue its subscription to the Web of Science publication database and Clarivate bibliometric tools in 2024. By resolutely abandoning...

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