"Don't be you" - Reddit is supporting a community that is dangerous and promotes intolerance; r/Robinhood ( lemmy.world )

I was recently banned from the subreddit, r/Robinhood for making a comment about Robinhood's shady practices. I quoted their own rule, "Don't be you", calling them hypocrites, and received a 7 day ban from Reddit the following day.

How can we draw attention to Reddit supporting a subreddit whose very rules promote and protect intolerance and harassment?

I encourage you to message Reddit directly and report this community.





Rhynoplaz ,

So, you went to a subreddit dedicated to information about a specific website, and insulted everyone who uses that website.

What were you expecting? For the whole sub to stand up and applaud, and cancel their Robinhood accounts?

I'm not saying your statement is wrong, but your comment was toxic and unnecessary.

venusaur OP ,
@venusaur@lemmy.world avatar

You must have missed the details in my post. My issue with Reddit is not the ban from the sub. Totally expected when I “kicked the hornet nest.”

My issue is that Reddit as a whole banned me for allegedly violating a rule that is being clearly violated within the rules of a subreddit. The hypocrisy is the issue.

DogPeePoo ,

RobintheHood is pure fraud

SpaceNoodle ,

Maybe don't hang out on a toxic website.

venusaur OP ,
@venusaur@lemmy.world avatar

Haha thanks. “I was today years old” when I found out about Lemmy.World

i_dont_want_to ,

Welcome to Lemmy, glad you're here. :)

venusaur OP ,
@venusaur@lemmy.world avatar

Thanks! I’m excited that there’s finally a decent alternative to Reddit.

Gradually_Adjusting ,
@Gradually_Adjusting@lemmy.world avatar

A blatantly criminal company run by questionable fuckers surprises everyone by creating the most sus moderating rules imaginable.

venusaur OP ,
@venusaur@lemmy.world avatar

I’m just shocked that either nobody has brought it to the attention of Reddit, or Reddit doesn’t care despite violating their own rules and especially this recent IPO.

Gradually_Adjusting ,
@Gradually_Adjusting@lemmy.world avatar

Are you actually shocked that a newly IPO'ed company (run by a known sex pest) doesn't want to pick a fight with an openly crooked brokerage?

venusaur OP ,
@venusaur@lemmy.world avatar

It just seems like an ember waiting for a fire that should concern investors. Wouldn’t be surprised if owners just want to cash in, sell the company and let the new owners deal with the fires.

Gradually_Adjusting ,
@Gradually_Adjusting@lemmy.world avatar

Anybody who currently sizing up a controlling share of Reddit is not doing so with an eye toward its splendid fundamentals as a business, or even its power as a brand. It's all about that juicy training data and the chance to manufacture consent at a massive scale.

The users were always the product, and now they're not even the main attraction.

kamenlady , (edited )
@kamenlady@lemmy.world avatar

Exactly, the users are still the product, but invisible. All posts, comments, everything they ( also me for 10+ years ) wrote is now reddit's product. That's the whole package they have, nothing else.

A snapshot of 2 decades worth of drama, sex, lots of sex, science, technology, more drama, music, literature, shitposts, omg the amount of shitposts...

That's unbound content, take away the usernames and feed the AI with Reddit-Lore.

In a few years, whatever kind of AI avatar we'll have as our daily assistant, will be breaking both arms of innocent boys, convince poor fellows to visit jolly ranch and greet us sayin': oh shit wadupp?

DocMcStuffin ,
@DocMcStuffin@lemmy.world avatar

They don't care unless it embarrasses them. They did nothing about /r/jailbait until it got news attention, and similar things have happened over and over again.

venusaur OP ,
@venusaur@lemmy.world avatar

For sure. A bunch of hypocrites.

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