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the mods have gone psycho over at reddit

someone on a subreddit said they had brain bleeding. i asked how it happened. a mod immediately removed it and said that it was an intrusive comment or some nonsense..i messaged them asking them to explain how, and i explained how i thought it would actually be beneficial for the readers if they decided to answer and that they...

Account suspended

Browsing Reddit at work like I've literally done every work day for the last six years, suddenly Reddit won't let me vote. Says my account has been suspended, but all I have to do is reset my password, using the email address I have on file. I don't have one. Can't get the email to reset the password, can't add an email now. I...

There's apparently a Reddit activity streak achievement system now. ( )

I just noticed this when I saw a strange "Achievement Unlocked" notification pop up on Reddit. What do you think of this? It seems like a retention tactic to me, like what Amino had with its streak leaderboards, and GameFAQs currently has with streak achievements for logging on ten days in a row and also for all days of a month.

r/The_Donald helped radicalize users into far-right identities and discourse – Active users on r/The_Donald increasingly used white nationalist vocabularies in their comments within three months. ( )

I know most people that were on reddit at the time are fully aware of this and won't be surprised but don't dismiss the findings out of hand. It's important that studies are being conducted and the fact that the finding match our lived experience is still noteworthy.

If Reddit had a soul/conscience, I think it was us, and we're all on Lemmy now...

As a little background, I didn't actively use Reddit for months following the blackout. I still barely stop in over there and if I do I'm never logged in our contributing to the communities there (where I was previously a daily poster/commenter)....

Got permanent ban in r/LGBT and when i asked why I got a 3 day ban for promoting hate. ( )

This was my conment on a post saying that pregnant people should always be used instead of pregnant women. My comment was under someone saying vitamins for pregnant women should say vitamins for pregnant people. I have a trans son and many trans friends. My comment was not promoting hate! Fucking reddit mods

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