leaky_shower_thought ,

why go for RAMs when the constitution says ARMs...

and no more bits or bytes too, double bytes small
or quadbytes regular size all the way.

  • kilo bytes is a grand

  • mega bytes is a venti

  • giga bytes is a grand venti

  • terabytes is a doble venti

really large amounts of ARM is a ton

litchralee ,

I'm surprised there aren't more suggestions which use intentionally-similar abbreviations. The American customary system is rich with abbreviations which are deceptively similar, and I think the American computer memory units should match; confusion is the name of the game. Some examples from existing units:

  • millimeter (mm) vs thou (mil)
  • meter (m) vs mile (mi)
  • kilo (k) vs grand (G)
  • kilonewtons (kN) vs knots (kn)
  • statute mile (m/sm) vs survey mile (mi) vs nautical mile (NM/nmi) vs nanometer (nm)
  • foot (ft) vs fathom (ftm)
  • chain (ch) vs Switzerland (ch)
  • teaspoon (tsp) vs tablespoon (tbsp)
  • ounce (oz) vs fluid ounce (fl oz) vs troy ounce (ozt) vs Australia (Ozzie)
  • pint (pt) vs point (pt)
  • grain (gr) vs gram (g)
  • Kelvin (K) vs Rankine (R; aka "Kelvin for Americans")
  • short ton (t) vs long ton (???) vs metric tonne (t) vs refrigeration ton (TR)
barsoap ,

The knot is non-SI but perfectly metric and actually makes sense as a nautical mile is exactly one degree meridian. kn also doesn't clash with kN, Newtons are always written with capital N. Capitalisation generally matters. No standard abbreviation exists for nautical miles but definitely don't use nm because newton metres.

That is, if you take all those colonial units out of there suddenly you're left with SI units and things that work well with SI units.

Oh and a pint is 500ml, a pound is 500g, a hundredweight is 50kg (because 100 pound), and a teaspoon is rather approximate because everyone outside of North America will use an actual spoon you stir tea with. The important part is not the precise amount but distinguishing it from "a pinch" etc. I guess by extension ounces should be 25ml and 25g. While we're at it: An inch is 25mm, and a foot an even 1/3rd of a metre while a yard is exactly one metre.

Did you know that a Newton metre is about exactly one chocolate bar metre? The work it takes to lift it in about standard gravity, that is. Very intuitive.

t for ton is a quirk in SI, you can use Mg if you want. There's also other SI-adjacent strangeness such as the hectare, which is one hecto-are: While SI has meters for length and litres for volume somehow the are isn't official for area.

cmnybo ,

How about feet of IBM punch cards?

A 1 foot tall stack holds 1,647,360 bits of data if all 80 columns are used. If only 72 columns are used for data then it's 1,482,624 bits of data and the remaining columns can be used to number each card so they can be put back in order after the stack is dropped.

prime_number_314159 ,

From smallest to biggest:

Bits (basic unit)

Bytes (8:1 reduction)

Words (4:1 reduction)

KiB (32:1 reduction)

MiB (1024:1)

GiB (1024:1)

TiB (1024:1)

PiB (1024:1)

A normal amount of porn (237:1)

ryannathans ,

Words aren't always four bytes

insomniac_lemon ,
@insomniac_lemon@kbin.social avatar

KiB, MiB, GiB etc are more clear. It makes a big difference especially 1TB vs 1TiB.

The American way would probably be still using the units you listed but still meaning 1024, just to be confusing.

Either that or maybe something that uses physical measurement of a hard-drive (or CD?) using length. Like that new game is 24.0854 inches of data (maybe it could be 1.467 miles of CD?).

LodeMike ,

The difference really needs to be enforced.

My ram is in GiB but advertised in GB ???

xionzui ,

Your RAM is in GiB and GB. You can measure it either way you prefer. If you prefer big numbers, you can say you have 137,438,953,472 bits of RAM

p_consti ,

Pretty sure the commenter above meant that the their RAM was advertised as X GiB but they only got X GB, substitute X with 4/8/16/your amount

xionzui ,

As far as I know, RAM only comes in GiB sizes. There is some overhead that reduces the amount you see in the OS though. But that complaint is valid for storage devices if you don’t know the units and expect TB/GB on the box to match the numbers in Windows

middlemanSI ,


mom ,

MiB = mebibyte

lqdrchrd ,

Size of an uncompressed image of the Washington Crossing the Delaware painting = 1 Yankee

12 Yankees in a Doodle

60 Doodles in an Ounce (entirely unrelated to the volume or weight usage of ounce)

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