Lexam ,

Try all work done period. C suite "I made this"

ruckblack ,

Which is fine with me tbh because fuck sales. I'd never survive independently, because I'd tell the customer the truth. And the truth doesn't sell. I don't have the energy to lie about how everything is better than it actually is.

Derp ,

Except when a bug pops up somewhere. Ownership/Responsibility changes in sub-Planck-second time when assigning blame.

scrubbles OP ,
@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

In our head nothing ever was wrong, bugs only came along when you came along! You should have been able to build it in days, what's so hard about this?

iAvicenna ,
@iAvicenna@lemmy.world avatar

ah but they sometimes put a sticker in it or sth

FrostyCaveman ,

This is almost an anti-meme

funkless_eck ,

I mean you CAN just get an evening marketing job, 8-5 engineering, half hour break, 5.30-1:30am writing marketing copy, designing campaigns, A/B testing, budget management, demand gen, lead gen, sales enablement, CRO/CPC/CAC management, Martech tool alignment, attribution tracking, SEO research, content marketing, press releases and 3P distribution tools, all of which matched against brand voice and targeting to ABM the specific ICP within each vertical.

There's literally nothing stopping you.

fauxerious ,

so half my day would be filled with bullshit, great

funkless_eck ,

ah yes, the famously bullshit-free career of software engineering

BleatingZombie ,

Exactly. Why add on?

funkless_eck ,

I mean I'm kidding around, but really, most of the time we're making a product to sell, and then selling the product to make more of it (or a new/better version of it) so that we can sell it more... so we can make it more... to sell more...

Its just all part of the same cycle. The OP meme could equally be:

Sales/Marketing: I made this sale


Product: I made this sale.

its bullshit all the way down.

xmunk , (edited )

I understand there's some jest in this expression but I strongly object. I work tuning queries and doing that awful database shit yall dread and I find a lot of fulfillment in supporting devs and providing a better user experience.

I can guarantee you I'd be stuck in the deepest depths of depression if I tried a career in sales. Job satisfaction is high enough a priority for me that I'm currently wrestling with my dumbass PE overlords to stop trying to bankrupt our company even as they underpay me by an embarrassing amount.

xmunk ,

Yea, but, alternatively, sales could just stop being entitled pricks. I've worked with sales people that were excellent - they had a technical mind and were able to grasp what our product could and couldn't do and, if they were uncertain... they would fucking ask me. And I've worked with sales people that won't tell me they made a sale until two months later when the deadline is a week away.

ryannathans ,

Nah fam just sell something that doesn't exist and make engineers magic it into existance that week

xmunk ,

h8 u

(/jk, of course)

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