Jurors in Hunter Biden's federal gun trial see the document at center of the case for the first time ( apnews.com )

If you want to see weaponization of the courts against a political opponent, THIS is the case to look at.

The ATF Form 4473 is the Firearm Transaction Record and has a list of checkbox questions which, in a normal country, would not be questions at all, but a bullet point list of disqualifying criteria, such as (shortening for clarity):

  • Are you buying the gun for someone else?
  • Are you a citizen or legal alien?
  • Are you a convicted felon?

Rather than simply saying,

  • You cannot purchase the gun for someone else.
  • You must be a citizen or legal alien.
  • You cannot be a convicted felon.

This is done in order to create a criminal charge of Making a False Claim if one of these is not fulfilled. Note that for many of these, you will in fact fail the background check (FBI NICS system) and be unable to even purchase the gun, such as if you are not a US Citizen or Green Card holder, but you could still have just become a criminal based on your 4473 answers.

Most of the questions are very 'reasonable' in their objective, but then you reach question 21f:

f. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?

At first glance this is pretty straightforward: possession of an illegal drug is a crime, so of course you can't buy a gun if you admit you're committing a crime!

But note, it also calls out addiction. Being addicted to something is not illegal, and is not even the same as being intoxicated, but is grounds for rejection under this. Moreover, that addiction can be to legal controlled substances as well, and still run afoul of this question.

And who decides if you are addicted to something? That's not spelled out here, and can be determined by a doctor either before or after arrest for this.

This is extremely unusual for courts to retroactively pursue, especially years later. That Hunter Biden is being pursued on this is 1000% only happening because of Republican pressure, in order to smear Biden so they can try to equate his family to Trump's, in their corruption.

Then again, many laws (especially around drugs and guns) were put in place to target minorities and Leftists non-Conservatives so this is really just the law being used how it was intended.

cupcakezealot ,
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imagine how unhinged republicans will be if the jury finds him not guilty

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