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Disappointment with Links Awakening Remake (NSW); what could have been a great game hampered by lacklustre controls.

Recently I borrowed my partner's copy of Links Awakening for the Nintendo Switch. I understand that many people did not enjoy the remake due to the graphics but I am one of the weirdos who somewhat enjoys the cutesy round graphics with the intense depth of field / forced perspective look. From a pure graphical standpoint I think...

NFS OST remade for kids

One of the weird realization for me as I learnt English and listened to authors who contributed to these games, is that many remastered their tracks to exclude swear words and obvious mentions of drugs, or was it EA specialists? NFS Underground and Most Wanted games were filled with rap and metal, but still got rated for teens...

Fallout Series (Why don’t I like it?)

I think my first Bethesda game was Skyrim and I love Skyrim. I’ve played through Skyrim when it first came out I played through it again in the DLC came out. I played through it again on the switch I have since played through it again on PC. I love Skyrim. I played it so many times and I know it’s a meme to keep re-releasing...

9 years later, I finally played fallout 4

Having dropped New Vegas in the past due to lost interest, I decided to try this game out finally since a friend of mine was having a fallout 3 playthrough himself. It was it 8 bucks, so I figured why not. I have to say, I put way more hours into this game than both other Bethesda games I've played through (Skyrim and Oblivion)...

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