Steve ,

Something about the timber industry

LemmyKnowsBest ,

Because so many people are addicted to it, even the lawmakers are addicted to it. And as other commenters have said, we tried prohibition in the past and it did not work. Society lost their collective minds.

Scrof ,

Tradition, mainly. It's so ingrained in the majority of cultures that you can't simply uproot it with a law. Although it should be a more controlled substance, no doubt about that. It's addictive, debilitating, incredibly harmful and it simply destroys more lives than literally any drug known to man.

fastandcurious ,

Honestly i am dumbfounded always on this as well, especially since the Bible itself prohibits or at least highly discourages alcohol

Maeve ,

Proverbs 31, verses 6 and 7 encourage it

ReverendIrreverence , avatar

Corporate and industry Lobbyists

CarbonIceDragon , avatar

We tried banning it, it didn't really end too well, as it was still available but funded a lot of organized crime, but apparently we didn't learn our lesson when it comes to other drugs. It's also not really practical to control as making it, in at least some form or another, is too easy. Even weed requires you have seeds from a specific plant to produce it, whereas a huge, huge variety of foods cab be fermented. It's also got a lot of cultural relevance and history to it that make people think of it as different from other drugs

SnotFlickerman , avatar

Well, there was this one time when we tried out the whole "making alcohol illegal" thing and it worked out about as well as the current "war on drugs." Just like drugs are winning, alcohol won.

The first anti-drug laws weren't really on the books until Nixon, who definitely used them as a way to pin down and criminalize parts of society he deemed unworthy.

July 1971 was when Drug Prohibition started. Before that, technically everything was legal.

cabron_offsets ,

Dolla dolla bill

drasglaf , avatar
supersquirrel , (edited )

In a U.S. context, it is actually really simple. Racism and the age old practice of othering types of people by associating them with a drug (cocaine = rich and white, crack = poor, black and dangerous). That’s it, the full answer is of course a lot more complicated but in the end it is exactly still this dumb and cruel.

politicians across the political divide spent much of the 20th century using marijuana as a means of dividing America. By painting the drug as a scourge from south of the border to a “jazz drug” to the corruptive intoxicant of choice for beatniks and hippies, marijuana as a drug and the laws that sought to control it played on some of America’s worst tendencies around race, ethnicity, civil disobedience, and otherness.

I actually think examining the rise of crack in the US and how it was used as a political wedge and xenophobic tool of fear mongering helps explain why marijuana is illegal in the US the easiest, because the forces and structures are the same for crack being highly illegal as they are for marijuana, just much less thinly veiled and dialed up to 11.

bartolomeo ,

Right, because alcohol is the white man's drug. Plain and simple.

They made alcohol illegal for a while but it turned out to be too onerous for the white people so it was legalized again. Marijuana laws have caused massive damage to minority communities, so they remain in place.

HeartyBeast , avatar

Alcohols cultural and historical position in society

xmunk ,

Aka, a lot of old money people are really invested in it.

Melkath ,

Ya. That. And not prohibition. Aka money people trying to outlaw it and the people saying "you can't control me".

BombOmOm , avatar

It's also easier to make than cannabis. Alcohol will ferment in nature, you literally don't have to do anything to make (crappy) alcohol. Good luck banning that, we tried once, went even worse than the war on drugs.

Riccosuave , avatar

It's also easier to make than cannabis.

You are aware that Cannabis is a plant, and therefore naturally occurring, yes? It was literally on the planet for hundreds of millions of years before modern homosapiens.

Vent ,

Marijuana grows in nature and you just need to dry it out and light it on fire.

BombOmOm , avatar

Kinda. IIRC, if it is fertilized it doesn't really work as a drug.

stinerman , avatar

Yes if someone invented it today, it'd be banned. Just like libraries.

homesweethomeMrL ,

Long story short: money, the mob, and time.

SloppySol ,

One makes you think less, and one makes you think more haha

Rhynoplaz ,

Or rather, one makes you act without thinking, the other makes you think without action.

shortwavesurfer ,

Oh, that is so damn true. You're just like laying on your bed, like, "man fuck this shit."

ghostrider2112 ,

One has also had studies that shows it causes the user to have more empathy while under its influence. The other is more common in domestic violence.

bartolomeo ,

The drunk driver runs a stop sign and the high driver waits till it turns green.

ptz , avatar

They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do just as well—you just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference.

- Bill Hicks

fhek ,

Years and years and years of lobbying. Also taxes.

ExcursionInversion , avatar


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