EmperorHenry ,
@EmperorHenry@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

I wanna be that one guy that rejects Taylor Swift and have a song written about me.

dangblingus ,

Dude must absolute crush it in bed, cuz he looks like a giant red flag otherwise.

SternburgExport ,

Guy on the left looks like a McDonald’s cashier in that outfit.

ChickenLadyLovesLife ,

How dare you? That's Andy Reid - he looks like a Walmart greeter.

elrik ,

Can someone provide some context here? Why is he screaming at a coach?

Also side note: why is that even vaguely tolerable behavior for a professional sports player / role model?

Jerb322 ,
@Jerb322@lemmy.world avatar

The chiefs fumbled, and that guy thought he should have been in, so they wouldn't have lost the ball. I believe that he is screaming, "just leave me in the game" like every play.

Why it's tolerated, not sure.

psycho_driver ,

Cause he's one of the best tight ends to ever play the game. Might be addressed in the off-season though.

Daft_ish , (edited )

Let's hope he doesn't Icarus the fuck out. It wasn't even close to his best season. The chiefs are doing this whole villains thing anyway. Maybe it gets them three in a row but I know if you even if you're just pretending to be a villian you start looking at yourself that way. It's just not sustainable.

dangblingus ,

Nah, the screaming is uncalled for no matter who you are. I don't care how many sports he balled.

kiku123 ,

It's tolerated because he's literally the best player in his position in the entire world (and one of the best in the history of the entire sport). What are the going to do? Get rid of him?

If you're not one of the best, the behavior is not tolerated as much.

InputZero ,

He brings in an enormous amount of money for the team and league. Make enough money and you can treat whoever you want, however you want. It's not morally right, but it's true.

ChickenLadyLovesLife ,

Why it’s tolerated, not sure.

Andy Reid tolerated it because he knows that the violent psychopaths playing for him are hopped up on a variety of drugs and need to be cut a little slack.

Coreidan ,

why is that even vaguely tolerable behavior for a professional sports player / role model?

From what I’ve seen over the years acting like a complete dick head is just part of the sport.

They are over paid Neanderthals for the most part.

GreyEyedGhost ,

Not a huge sports fan or competitive player, but you will see a great deal of confidence/arrogance in the elite in many fields (even when the elite aren't chosen by competence). This guy, whose existence I wasn't even aware of a month ago, is certainly in that category.

As for overpaid, I don't agree. Overvalued, certainly.

Coreidan ,

As for overpaid, I don't agree. Overvalued, certainly.

The two are synonymous as far as I am concerned. What do you consider the difference?

GreyEyedGhost ,

If my services can be sold for a reasonable price and I get paid an exorbitant amount, I'm over paid. If my services are sold for a ridiculous amount and I get paid a reasonable portion of those earnings, I'm overvalued but not overpaid.

If you want to look at it another way. Why are people paying $1 billion for a super bowl commercial spot? Because they think it will give them visibility worth that amount. But the real question is why are viewers paying that much consideration to a super bowl ad? They are overvalued.

droans ,

He had one target for one yard in the first half. Travis Kelce is the best TE currently in the NFL and considered to be the third best ever to play the game.

Since all the receivers for the Chiefs are mid at best this year, he's got some reason to be pissed. One of them, Kadarius Toney, was put on the gameday injury report for the AFCCG as being out for a leg injury and "personal reasons". He then went public saying his leg was perfectly fine and he had no personal reasons to skip the game... Basically clarifying that the actual reason he wasn't playing was because he's ass.

But Travis Kelce was also being guarded by Fred Warner during the first half who is one of the best linebackers in NFL history.

It could be a diva moment, sure. But it's the Super Bowl. Good teams know that you trust your studs. Romo would throw to Dez in double or triple team coverage, knowing he'd come down with it. Peyton Manning would chuck it at Marvin Harrison no matter who was on him. When someone is that good, all you've got to do is get the ball in their vicinity. Either they'll come down with it or they'll keep the defenders from getting it.

It's still stupid to yell at your coach like that and physically push him, but Andy Reid was making a lot of boneheaded decisions in the first. They went into halftime down 10-3. They did change things up during the second half, though. Kelce ended up with 9 receptions for 93 yards while the Chiefs won 25-22 in OT.

ryathal ,

I believe in this case, Kelce missed the block on the player that caused the fumble, or maybe it was a different tight end.

ouRKaoS ,

Kelce wasn't in the game when that fumble happened, but he would have been in position to make that block. He was basically telling Reid to leave him in the game because it's the Super Bowl and he's the better player.

pachrist ,

This is it. The 2nd string tight end was in for that play and whiffed on the block that led to the fumble. Kelce was screaming "Leave me in, leave me in," which is a fair point because he's a monster blocker. I'd give the edge to Kittle for blocking, but still really good.

HerbalGamer ,
@HerbalGamer@sh.itjust.works avatar

some of these are words, yes.

Antitrust7668 ,

Yeah, I'm still confused too 😆

dangblingus ,

Maybe the coach knows better than the player though.

frezik ,

Eh, sitting through Packers games during the McCarthy years, I wouldn't assume that.

JargonWagon ,

I agree on his decision. Yeah they were down a touchdown and extra point at the end of the first half, but the 49ers tired themselves out while Kelcey was just getting started.

RagingRobot ,

That sounds very unsportsmanlike. He is better than everyone so gets mad when he doesn't always get to play?!? That's not ok. That's real loser behavior.

Aermis ,

Its not a participation award game. It's the game of games. It's not about kelce not getting to play. It's about the chiefs losing because they're not utilizing their best weapon. It's a team sport and you're watching your team lose because you're not being used.

Imagine being on a competitive team project and you're the best speaker presenting to the state but your teacher decides to let the shy kids try to present, clearly bumbling and being incoherent, letting your opponents out argue every point your peers are making when you clearly can out speak them. You'd be pretty upset with your teacher for getting you to states, you being the reason you're there, and then once you're there you're sidelined.

menemen ,

I understood nothing. But I feel like you know what you are talking about. I heard about that Payton guy.

ipkpjersi , (edited )

I still don't understand why he was yelling though. What did the coach do that he was angry about?

edit: Oh, he wasn't playing him? Yeah that makes more sense.

tastysnacks ,

Let's say you got 2 people whose job it is to write job proposals. One guy does it, and the company wins the job and people have work. The other guy just doesn't write the proposal. The job goes somewhere else and people are laid off. This is the first guy yelling at his boss to let him write the 2nd proposal. Youre the boss. Do you tolerate the yelling, or do you tolerate the failure to do the job?

dangblingus ,

Neither. I fire the person who doesn't write the proposal and I discipline the yeller. If I'm the boss I'm not about to nurture a culture where any employee who thinks they know better than me gets to barge into my office to scream in my face.

Esqplorer ,

So you do what Reid did then...

RagingRobot ,

None of these people will ever be laid off lol

Esqplorer ,

You realize they fire a ton of people every year in the NFL, right? Kelce will eventually be one of them when he gets old, unless he decides he's done before he isn't good anymore.

Tristaniopsis ,

Is that really the gentlemanly thing to do? Shout at an official?!?

Schmuppes ,

I believe that's his coach.

Tristaniopsis ,


Blackmist ,

It's no way to treat a man with the diabeetus.

Tristaniopsis ,

I thought it was a ‘headset’,

Learn somethin new everyday…

Napain ,

they only meme about her because she is campaigning against trump

hal_5700X OP ,
@hal_5700X@lemmy.world avatar

or they think it's funny to see her fans flip out.

RagingRobot ,

I don't think the fans are flipping out at all. Mostly they are just laughing and pointing out how stupid it is. A good portion of them are children too. So children can understand how silly this whole thing is but these grown adults can't lol.

hal_5700X OP , (edited )
@hal_5700X@lemmy.world avatar

I'm not saying her fans are flipping out. I'm just giving another reason why people mess with her.

nvvp ,

Has she even said anything about the election yet? I thought they were just pre-emptively freaking out because she might say something. And hopefully she will. If a popstar can save democracy from a christofacist hellscape then I'll take it.

Spacehooks ,

She just tells people to vote. Which is a GOP nightmare.

RagingRobot ,

I don't think she is campaigning against him at all but she definitely should be. He's an insurrectionist fascist wannabe dictator why would anyone want to vote for him in the first place?

Napain ,
Starburn ,

I'm not American, but the article you linked just says she urged people to vote. Doesn't seem like she compelled people who to vote for.

dudinax ,

I was planning on losing, but since you insist...

i_stole_ur_taco ,

After the weird scream/singing Viva Las Vegas it might be over, my man.

Mac ,

The man is allowed to get excited during the biggest moments of his life.

SuperCub ,

That was pretty cringe 🤣

RizzRustbolt ,

I wonder what team is going to pick him up?

Son_of_dad ,

She'd just buy the whole team and make his life miserable

Anticorp ,

A billion dollars net worth is not rich enough to buy a Superbowl champion NFL team. Not even close to enough.

kbotc ,

Not enough to buy Bortles Era Jacksonville Jags, much less now when they are somehow much worse.

MadBabs ,


MajorHavoc ,

Sometimes, when I have a problem, I throw a Molotov cocktail. After that, I have a completely different problem!

ilinamorato ,


ZoopZeZoop ,

I agree about your point, but their point was if they lost.

Coreidan ,

If they lost they still be Superbowl champions since they won last year too

ZoopZeZoop ,

Oh. Haha thanks

droans ,

She's still not rich enough to buy the worst team in the NFL. You'd still need about $5-6B just to get interest.

nyctre ,

How do teams get into the NFL? Could she buy a non-nfl team and bring it up to NFL standards and then win the Superbowl with it? I'm not asking if it's realistic, just, you know, curious if it could be attempted like rich guys do in soccer

droans ,

They haven't had an expansion franchise since 2002 and it's unlikely it'll happen any time in the near future. 32 teams is perfectly balanced - each conference has 16 teams and four divisions. Each division has four teams.

It would also be very expensive.

You'd need a stadium that met the NFL standards. The average stadium costs about $2B. Fortunately for her (and unfortunately for the rest of us), taxpayers on average pay about $1.2B of that. We'll be very generous and assume they paid even more or she received a substantial loan that will be paid off otherwise, leaving her with about $250M out of pocket.

It should be noted that the opposite is more often true for expansion teams, though. Cities don't want to pay for the stadium because there's more risk with new teams. They could decide to leave very quickly, the owners might not have the capital to keep the team afloat, etc. The Texans were the last expansion team and nearly all of the cost for their stadium was privately funded.

Now, the NFL also charges a fee for expansion teams. This mostly has to be a guesstimate because we haven't seen one in two decades. The Texans paid $700M at the time so we can assume it would be closer to $1.5B now.

After that, you have the practice facilities and offices. Cities don't usually cover that. You might be able to get away with using local facilities for a couple of years, but that won't be enough to actually create a competitive team. A safe low-end estimate for this would be $150M. The Cowboys paid $1.5B for their facilities, but other teams have paid as low as $125M.

Finally, the last big cost is payroll. This by itself would sink any chance she has.

The NFL requires all guaranteed contracted salaries to be placed in escrow. I'm not sure where that rule came from, but I can probably guess Al Davis is to blame. A single year's salary would be $225M for 2023 and around $240M for next season.

However, most of the big name players have guarantees that would destroy that. The most common is a signing bonus. Teams love them because the salary cap rules would allow them to amortize it over the length of the contract, including "void years". Your QB would receive about $200M immediately upon signing. The expansion draft picks and early draft picks would be another $300-500M likely. In the end, the salary escrow plus bonuses would be about $500M-1B.

So assuming everything goes her way, she'd be on the hook for close to $2.5B immediately plus the reoccurring costs.

It should also be noted that the NFL isn't really a great way to make money as an owner. It's really just a long term retirement hobby for billionaires. They could just go invest in companies or whatever, but they buy NFL teams because they like football and it occupies their time. Yeah, they'll make money, but not as much as they otherwise could. There's a reason most owners hate the idea of a super-billionaire like Bezos owning a team.

nyctre ,

Wow, thanks for the detailed reply. Yeah, super expensive...

insanepotato ,
user224 ,
@user224@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

Here's the link without a tracker: https://youtu.be/SLGxJfMCCsQ

beckerist ,

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • beckerist ,

    balsamic dressing

    007ace ,

    I'm surprised. I've only seen Taylor 3x now.
    I was expecting more.

    radiohead37 ,

    KC isn’t doing great. Not many opportunities to show her celebrating.

    Osa-Eris-Xero512 ,

    Yeah, neither team is playing well tonight, but the chiefs have just been off form all game except the 4th quarter.

    TropicalDingdong ,

    Is the game worth tuning into? I maybe catch 2-3 games a season but I almost never watch the super bowl any more because its like, never a good exciting, close game.

    Wogi ,

    KC just tied it, so the last few minutes might be worth it

    TropicalDingdong ,

    Yeah just hopped onto grandmas streams.

    shreddy_scientist ,
    @shreddy_scientist@lemmy.ml avatar

    Overtime now, wild game really!

    kofe ,

    It was a fucking nail biter!

    psycho_driver ,

    Though plenty would disagree I'm sure, I'd say it was one of the best Superbowls ever. Both defensive squads played their hearts out and the game was 75 minutes of back and forth scrambling. Kind of sad that Mahomes won the MVP, he had a pretty meh game (by his normal standards). It was their defense that deserves credit for the win, hell even Butker more so than Mahomes. The fact that they broke the old field goal distance record three times in this one game is crazy.

    TropicalDingdong ,

    yeah I caughttheast 5 minutes and the over time. Very exciting game. def the best super bowl I've ever seen, at least since Pats Seattle when Seattle blew it.

    somethingsnappy ,

    Not great? Kelce had 9 catches for about 100 yards. Don't care about the the media coverage.

    droans ,

    They were doing awful in the first half. Their offense couldn't get a first down to save their lives. Kelce had one reception for one yard.

    JohnDClay ,

    Our channel was 14 times in all

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