Looking for a tool to visualize folders based on number of files.

There are plenty of utilities (GUI, such as filelight and TUI, such as dua as well) for analyzing disk usage by space, but I would like to view my folders based on the count of files, as I'm making backups, and folders with lots of small files (e.g. node_modules) take very long to move around, so I guess that I'd be better of compressing those into a single file before archiving, as it's already highly unlikely that I'll need to access them anyway.
Thanks for any pointers in advance!

BCsven , (edited )

Not what you asked for but also a helpful gui like output cli tool for folder sizes.


mvirts , (edited )

du --inodes | sort -h


rlychilplr ,

Ranger (tui) shows the amount of files in a directory.
Im not sure about this but ncdu (also tui) might do this recursivaly.

d3Xt3r Mod ,

You can use ncdu for this. Launch it with the options --show-itemcount --sort=itemcount

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