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[SOLVED] Debian-based package repo not updating?

The updater extension keeps telling me that there is a new version of the browser available (122.1.0-2) but it's been over a week since the version's release and even though I have the .deb repo installed the new version has not been installed yet. I check for updates daily and there do not appear to be any errors in the repo....

[SOLVED] Logins Not Saved, Even Though Option to Delete Cookies and Site Data When Librewolf Closes is Disabled

UPDATE: Issue is not tied to the browser but to the specific sites. Some sites, like Proton, will require you to enter a 2FA code every time you login, even if the option to remember your sign in was selected at the login page....

How to block all 3rd part cookies on Librewolf by default?

Goodmorning, I have used for a lot of time Firefox. In the privacy settings I can change tracking protection preferences to normal, custom and strict protection. Actually I’m using Librewolf, but I can’t see that option. What I liked of that option is that switching to custom I’m able to block all third part cookies....

Say (an encrypted) hello to a more private internet. | The Mozilla Blog ( )

Any thought on DOH, which is the base for this ECH? I remember in the end cloudfare and some others, providing the service to services, were the ones gathering the information instead of the ISPs… Librewolf still has DOH disabled by default, and although it can be easily change, perhaps that default is overall the sounder way....

Force binding IP on Librewolf Portable in Windows

Hey, I was wondering if there was any way or possibility to bind an IP or network device to Librewolf running in its Portable launcher on Windows. I have it on a USB key to be used in environments where I’ll be working with multiple computers, hence the portable nature, and in surveillanced networks, hence my preference to use...

How do I make it so that all redirecting links open in my browser without automatically logging in to my existing accounts?

I am new to Librewolf and downloaded Multi Account Containers addon along with libredirect, skip redirect and ublock origin. I am currently signed in a container with a Google account and set the URL to always open in that container. However I do not want to allow any Google-affiliated redirecting links to automatically open...

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