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A worldwide technology community 🌍 Creators of the Plasma desktop & a variety of Free and open source applications that let you control your digital life.

a dude that likes gaming and tech (especially Linux) aro/ace

Linux enthusiast, family man and nerd

Aussie living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Coding since 1998.
.NET Foundation member. C# fan
Mastodon: @dan cover

I know nothing! cover

I make small things.

My posts are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (

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#SmallWeb #SmallTech #web #tech #privacy #humanRights #personhood #democracy #aral #fedi22 #searchable

🇬🇧 | 24yo French web dev & tech enthusiast

🇫🇷 | Développeur web Limougeaud de 24 ans passionné par l’informatique

Main fediverse account (Mastodon) : @KaKi87

Formerly @KaKi87, moved because of Cloudflare.

Sorry, book broke cover

Privacy & Foss advocate, and Linux user.
Ace 🖤🩶🤍💜

Anti Commercial-AI license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) cover

I’m trippin lol. cover

Free and Open Source video editing program made by the KDE community.

Music (mainly prog rock) and veggie loving, geeky cat butler living in Hertfordshire UK. A lover of all things LOTR (since I first read it over 50 years ago) scifi and what have you. Ex soldier (Royal Artillery) and other trades ;-)

Wise man say- forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza. 🍕 cover

Hello, I'm Carl. I'm French-German and I currently live in Berlin. In my free time, I contribute to the KDE project where I (co-)maintain multiple applications: Tokodon, Merkuro, Arianna, NeoChat as well as the websites. Previously Nextcloud. Aside from coding, I like cycling, backing and playing board games.

Work at, but opinions are mime and not the one from my employer

Lover of Linux and open source! And memes! Oh and pizza.

If life gives you oranges, sell them and buy pre juiced because it's cheaper. cover

Writer, editor, FLOSS junkie, social media drone.

If you want serious Free Software/Hardware/Culture stuff please follow @linux_spain.

Not this. This account is for silliness, off colour humour, complaining about Brexit (and other evil policies, politicians, and ideologies in general), and other stuff that matters to me.

May include swear words.

Cover image is a view of El Paseo de las Palmeras (Málaga) at 9ish in the am on a nice, clear, sunny day -- which is most of them. cover

The KDE Eco project advances sustainable software design in Free & Open Source Software.

Boosts do not necessarily mean endorsement.

For toots posted before 1 November 2022, see


Follow me if you're interested in aquariums, technology, and gaming, as most of my posts will probably be about those topics. cover

i cat meow

Hide boosts if you don't want cat pics in your feed.

All my toots are shitposts, unless they aren't.

#fedi22 #searchable #shitpost #shitposting cover

That #CSSFunstuff guy.
Inkscape tutorials made here every month!

#fedi22 #design #CSS #opensource #foss #inkscape #photography

Mereo is a sociologist who is also a nerd. He believes in open-source software.

I transferred to this instance from My previous profile: <a href=""></a> cover

Things I post about:

  • Gaming
  • Movies and TV
  • Tech
  • Programming
  • Politics
    and more...

I'm part of the Fediverse since early 2020 but have moved several times since then.

Zero tolerance for right wing extremists, Nazis and queer phobic people.

You can talk with me about almost anything in French, English or German.

#pansexual 🏳️‍🌈 #fckafd #transrightsarehumanrights 🏳️‍⚧️ cover

Raumfahrt (Aerospace), ᒪιηυҳ αѕ ρяσƒєѕѕιση , ᘜσ-ᑭℓαуєя Tenuki-Style cover

FOSS Geek, Sr. SRE, and mech keyboard snob. cover

Zwerf al vele jaren op social media rond.

Allergisch voor een #onderbuikophefmeter

Politieke berichten (zo veel mogelijk) met #Politiek, zodat je ze weg kunt filteren of eenvoudig kunt volgen.

Ohh... En ik zal proberen om eventuele berichten over Twitter van de hashtag #Twitter te voorzien. Kun je die ook wegfilteren.


(bovenstaande info is vaak wat verouderd..) cover

Welcome to my "professional account". You can tell by the hat.

block me = I win. dont make the rules. just follow them blindly and without question

Most of my posts mean no harm. So dont get all to pissy

Dont take this account to seriously lol. Im just here to have a good time

This account wont post anything nsfw and if I do I will put a stern content warning(the most ill ever upload is a edgy 69 joke)

starting soon this account may be inactive by me.

Linux Enthusiast
Admin of

Nothing interesting to put here

I teach, tutor, & write about tech, with an emphasis on FOSS.

Sometimes I also dabble in coding, design, accessibility, & data analytics.

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