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Avid reader of #horror novels and watcher of #horrormovies. I love to discuss both. I review #books at I post about #indiehorror books, whatever I'm cooking, my 2 #cats and whatever happens to be annoying me at the moment. #bookstodon #horrorfamily #horrorcommunity cover

Disabled autistic horror nerd full of awkwardness and sass. Battling an autoimmune disease. Rescue cat mom & Taskmaster enthusiast. Whimsical AF.

Pro-choice and pro 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 rights

Fedi member since Nov 2022
Personal toots usually self-destruct

Photo alt-text: Selfie of a very pale white woman with dark blue, shoulder-length hair, blue eyes & dark blue lips. Large black ram's horns sit on her head, curving backward on both sides, with 3 blue roses sitting between them. cover

Film obsessive from Scotland, now living in England.
Every day a review appears here - - and I always share the links here. There's also a podcast to pimp (, AND a weekly YouTube video.
I also LOVE chatting films, especially horror, and will keep favouriting and boosting messages that I think more people will enjoy finding. cover

Born in 1988 / European 🇪🇺🇮🇹/ Queer / Tech guy / Pagan

Fascism is a cancer and, once again, it's spreading worldwide: do your part to stop it.

I'm a C++ dev building games that push Unreal Engine. I love adventure. When I'm not crafting my own RPG, find me playing tabletop games or dominating noobs online.

Epic tales aren't built overnight. But fuelled by enough coffee, we can create legends. I'm Ainiriand - here to share projects and start gaming! The future's unwritten. Let's play! cover

#Film ♥️ #Horror 👻 #Gaming 🎮 #Aquarellmalerei 🎨
👉 #PaintingToStandStill
🚨Probiert gern neue kreative Hobbies aus 😅
Blogt manchmal hier:
Toots in GER & EN
Juhu dafür!

#film ♥️ #horror 👻 #Gaming 🎮 #watercolor 🎨
👉 #PaintingToStandStill
🚨Likes to try out new creative hobbies 😅
Blogs sometimes here:
👉 #YayForThatReview
Toots in GER & EN
Yay for that! cover

#xennial #genderfluix #genderqueer #misanthrope living in a dangerous land (USA).
#t1d since age 3.
#Devuan #Linux user.
#Nintendo player.
not infrequently #horny AF.

A: #ACAB, #AltText, #antifa.
B: #books, #BoardGames, #bitches, #bicycling, #butts.
C: #CamelCase, #CurlyFries, #cocks.
D: #dogs, #depression, #disabled, #drumming, #dicks.

all of my puns are intended, and all of my intentions are puns if possible.
formerly known as @skaficianado cover

I'm an old. Heart transplant recipient. #Saxophone and some other instruments. Fond of lagomorphs and rodents. Been BunRab one place or another online for over 30 years. cover

Cinephile and self-styled movie reviewer. On here, I mostly talk about #movies and related topics, and post links to my #MovieReviews.

I track everything I watch on my Letterboxd, and try to write something about each thing (sometimes very belatedly). Feel free to follow me!

I boost most #LetterboxdFriday posts I see, just because I love the community aspect, regardless of whether I agree with your ratings.

(Banner image from Ice Merchants (2022)) cover

High level Tetris competition is cool because it's as if you could play Call of Duty so well that you could access new levels beyond the ones put there by the developers, with new challenges no one had intended, and keep competing with people on how far you could penetrate into the vast, uncharted portion of the game that lay beyond. cover

Designing things and teaching stuff in the American desert southwest. Walking the dog when she feels like it. || Avatar by Colin Murdoch.


Introduction in pinned post, relevant hashtags include #SantaFe #NewMexico #GraphicDesign #Comics #Fencing #Greyhound #Polaroid cover

I #write #fiction ! Mostly #scifi, #fantasy, #horror, and #romance. I also do a bit of #photography now & then, & #journal a lot to keep sane.

Currently an ex-expat back from Japan, trying to find my place. Indian-American diaspora. #Educator pivoting away from the #education field. Basically, my life is in flux right now; isn't it exciting?

ALT text: profile pic is Himantra in a red and black jacket, with black hair & a black face mask. Fortuitous sunlight gives the pic an ethereal glow. cover

retired map reader; amateur genealogist since 1974; knitter since 1969; SF fan since 1961.
Cactuses (but not opuntias) are fun!

Location: Los Angeles cover

Silberfuchs, @twitch Affiliate, "@youtube|r", Single, Polysexuell :polysexual_flag:

:birdsite: @spikeyderfuchs
:mastodon: @Mastofy

MC Server: @foxcraft

@contentcreator @minecraft @paws @furry cover

he/they! wobbly (IWW 620) and anarchist. undergrad english major, library worker, and aspiring librarian/archivist. writer of poetry and prose. #1 blahaj enjoyer. coffee enthusiast and book lover. owner of Lottie, the best bichon on mastodon. all opinions my own! cover

Chronic illness, probably neurodivergent. White & anti-whiteness. #SolarPunk #Climate #DeGrowth #StrawBale #LivingMachine #Construction #Engineering #Crochet #GreenBuilding #SciFi #Anarchy
Liberals DNI. Just kidding, I love you liberals. Don't block me just because I'm right

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