Willdrick ,

Thanks for this! I have been using HA for a year now but only with stuff I already had on my network and a few Wiz lights. The whole ZigBee zwave thing has been a pending rabbit hole to fall into for a while and this was been an interesting read.

huskypenguin ,

Definitely start with a beefy zigbee coordinator. I like the Ukrainian made SLZB-06. It can be USB or networked. I prefer networked, that way I can move it to a more central location in the house and keep my HA running as a VM in the basement.

DreadPotato ,
@DreadPotato@sopuli.xyz avatar

Uh, it even runs POE, I just use a sonoff USB dongle...I've just been using my lightbulps and 230VAC relays as receivers/routers for nearby battery powered ZigBee units. There's always a mains powered ZigBee device within good range so it can reach my server in the laundry room.

huskypenguin ,

Sonos is great but it's just a few dollars more for an even better device with more flexibility (if you're starting fresh).

I started with a conbee which led to a lot of issues.

pearsaltchocolatebar ,

I wish they made an SFP. That would be perfect.

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