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Editor and lead cartographer of Political Geography Now ( Covering changes to the world's countries, flags, borders, territorial control, and more. cover

Economic historian with broad social science & historical interests. I investigate aspects of population health, mobility & inequality, incarceration & the lives of prisoners in Canada, NZ, Australia & SouthAfrica with census & other digital resources

current project:

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Not a bot just a rather corpulent male approaching fifty years of age; a very very slow ignoramus who reads occasionally.

Toots are #humanities, #sciences, #nonfiction #books, #maps, #charts and #graphs related. Some toots containg #videos may also find their way into the timeline.

Toots or follows or boosts or mentions ≠ endorsements of any particular notion or notions.

Expect many typing errors.

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Professor of Geophysics at Universidade de São Paulo • I study the Earth using tiny disturbances in its gravity and magnetic fields, from global 🌎 to microscopic 🔬 scale • Open-source in Python 🐍 • Founder of @fatiando • Brazilian 🇧🇷 • Dad

Header picture: Brown Amazon river water against bright green forest in northern Brazil (from Landsat 8 data) cover

Computers, Cities & Data

🌍 Geographic Data Science@University of Liverpool
🏙️ Urban Analytics@The Alan Turing Institute
📜 (Co-)Editor@Environment & Planning B & JRSS-A

#GeographicDataScience #UrbanAnalytics #OpenScience

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