Bangs42 , avatar

Is wealth divide a huge problem? Yes.

Is the wealth divide getting worse? I don't know, but probably.

But be careful with statistics like this, they can be misleading.

crazyminner ,

Links to a podcast featuring a person who works for a billionaire's libertarian thinktank. I'm good.

Bangs42 , avatar

I would have preferred to link to text, but I didn't find a transcript.

So, did you listen to it, or just dismiss it?

crazyminner ,

Dismiss it, that guy is worse than a class traitor.

Bangs42 , avatar

Okey dokey. I'm not even disagreeing that the rich are too rich, just that you gotta be careful with your sources. Kinda hard to talk about something without reading or listening to it, but you do you friend. Live your best life.

Sterile_Technique , avatar

We're way overdue for guillotine day.

A7thStone ,

But they said a rising tide lifts all boats. Were we lied to?

BossDj ,

the thing is I can't afford a boat

MisterNeon , avatar

The tide isn't rising, the yachts are just getting taller.

Bakkoda , avatar

No you just didn't realize you'd get stuck with their anchor.

snekerpimp ,

I say we bake em in a pie

SinningStromgald ,

Yummy! I'm in!

zcd ,

Then have some UBI

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