Are you seeing a massive uptick in pro meta propaganda as well?

I will probably be harassed for this but I feel like I need to act.

The recent debate and decision by world to federate with threads seems to have sparked massive pro meta propaganda. Some accounts post completely one sided articles nearly every day, using carefully crafted language to shape meta as the „facilitator“ of the fediverse and some beligerent benevolent god. You dont have to scroll far in this community to find the posts I‘m talking about.

Please consider reporting these posts for the propaganda they are and asking your admins to defederate from

To show you why meta is not welcome in the fediverse, here is a quote from the fedipact which is the reason I have defederated threads in my own instance.


i'm just gonna paste some links here because there's no point in paraphrasing what others have already said more eloquently

(if you're wondering why i'm using it's to break the fucking paywalls on these articles because fuck that, information wants to be free)

that time they helped facilitate a genocide

that time they helped try to rig an election

that time they did creepy behavioral experimentation on their users

so, yeah. there's legiterally shitloads of precedent here. not to mention all the privacy concerns. which brings us to the need many feel to protect ourselves from this insidious megacorp...

Against one thing meta-shills often try to ascribe: we dont have a problem with the people on there but it is literally everything else.

Admins and Mods who read this, please consider signing the fedipact on

Thank you very much for reading and have a nice day.

Edit: wording, crossed out

Viking_Hippie ,

decision by world to federate with threads

..anyone know if I can block threads so I won't have to abandon the instance or be subjected to Meta poison?

Danterious ,

You can block any posts coming from by going to settings and doing instance blocking but long term it probably is better to just move to a different instance that better aligns with your values.

catloaf ,

Can you give examples of what you're referring to as propaganda? I haven't seen anything but people bitching about Threads.

haui_lemmy OP , avatar this for example

The Fediverse will soon have power on the social web to shape its future, but only through and in the interaction with Meta. This is the reality the Fediverse has to start arranging itself with.

First sentence literally.

Meta and the Fediverse are heavily intertwined: both are dependent on one another for their success.

Uncompromising idealists of a non-corporate social web, potentially origin of radicalisation and toxicity.

And so on and so forth. The language is shaping the story in one direction as if nobody has a chance to change something about it.

Pronell ,

That's all fair.

But it's also heavily down voted and refuted.

Some people are gonna be shills and some are gonna be naive. But I'm not going to be a part of any platform Meta is trying to subvert.

Zak , avatar

I believe you that Meta is a bad company with a clear track record of perpetrating harms any time there's profit to be made. I am not, however convinced that small independent services blocking communication with them is a net positive for the world. Instead, I think there's an opportunity to get their users to migrate away.

That's not to say that some servers shouldn't block them. For a tightly-moderated server, the scale of moderation problems it could bring is argument enough. There are good options for those who are looking for that sort of thing.

I don't want my Lemmy server to block Threads unless it actually does become a moderation nightmare. I don't intend to block it from my self-hosted Mastodon server either. In fact, I haven't blocked anything there yet. I will if I run into anybody being a jerk, but it seems like bird photos and flashlight reviews don't attract that sort of thing.

blue_berry , avatar

I think this is generally a valid point of view. However, what I don't like is to frame it as a easy-to-make-point, something that is basically obvious. Because it isn't, mainly, because of network effects.

Not opening up to Meta means prevent the Fediverse from becoming a global thing. Not opening up to Meta means not to shape the future of the social web.

If you have this opinion, you implicitly say that you want the Fediverse to stay small. However, I think we can all agree that it would be good if the Fediverse became big. And the only possibility to achieve that is through the growth through Meta, which doesn't mean working together with it, but profiting from it and cutting in its growth (which admittedly, will not be easy as well and, as you pointed out, also comes with its own moral drawbacks, which have to be thought of, too).

Meta is not cool. But it won't help to hide away in a shelter until the whole thing has blown over. Because it won't. All that will happen is that the part that opened up to Meta will grow rapidly and the other part will stay small and become less relevant. In this sense, now is the best time to drive change in the social web, until it is again dominated by Meta. Now we still have the choice to join and work against Meta in the social web.

Just because you federate doesn't necessarily mean that you work together with it. But if you hide away, you leave the whole field of action up to Meta without even trying. Apart from the fact that it's barely explainable to anyone outside the Fediverse. They will and already do blame us of double-standards: why create an open protocoll if the ecosystem wants to stay small anyways?

snooggums , avatar

I assume my not noticing any meta shills is due to them being downvoted to hell. If so, excellent work everyone on keeping their propaganda in check!

Rentlar ,

I don't like Meta at all, trying to cut out Meta as much as possible myself.

Meta's going to do what Meta's going to do. They don't have the good intentions for the Fediverse at heart. They will use it and the concept of federation to seek their ends, and when it's no longer useful to them they will cut it off.

I'll leave it up to server operators and users to decide. While I think it's nice that Meta gives the Fediverse attention, I also the Fediverse is better off generally not hooking into Meta's feed. If your server is part of Fedipact then it's fair game to report disinformation biased towards Meta.

Minotaur ,

What is “the people” in context of this post? Like… Meta employees?

frickineh ,

I haven't seen it but I also want Meta and everything to do with it to die in a fire, so I kind of wish I had so I could express that feeling to the shills. Mark Zuckerberg has singlehandedly made the world a significantly worse place. It'd almost be impressive if it wasn't so depressing.

Danterious ,

I think it is part of a long term strategy.

They saw all the negative feedback that was given when the first announcement came and there were a lot of users saying its not so bad or that we should give them a chance then.

Eventually everything became quiet and things moved on now there is a steady rise of pro Meta comments again and this time it will lead to a less violent reaction because it has already happened once before.

Rinse and repeat until they become the norm.

haui_lemmy OP , avatar

Thats why I report these posts as the propaganda they are and always try to counter them in the comments. Just doing my part as much as I can. I'm already on my own instance so I cant just be banned for it if someone gets bought by meta (its not the only reason but one of them).

Danterious ,

I appreciate it.

yo_scottie_oh ,

beligerent god (sic)

You mean beneficent?

haui_lemmy OP , avatar

I think I meant benevolent. Thanks for pointing me to it.

spiderman , avatar

Seems like this aren't the only bad stuff they did

haui_lemmy OP , avatar

yes, I've seen that one. They're not the nice guys. Thanks for mentioning it though. :)

Boozilla , avatar

Years ago, back before it was totally shitty, someone on reddit posted a gigantic, comprehensive, well-sourced list of all the horrible shit Zuck / Meta have done over the years.

It's unfortunate that long lists of damning facts can't seem to move the needle very much. People don't seem to care unless directly impacted.

I hate seeing Meta dig its tentacles in. Thanks for posting this.

inlandempire , avatar

Is this list still available somewhere?

octopus_ink ,
FeelzGoodMan420 ,

I literally show my wife articles of Meta/Tik Tok data breaches and other shit, and she just shrugs and keeps using it. I have a friend who works in fucking CYBER SECURITY and he still has social media apps on his phone. It's unreal.

homesweethomeMrL ,

Yep. Almost like the mind-altering power of television should have been taken seriously instead of laughed off and supercharged into an always-on ubiquitous device we mostly equate with our actual personhood.

We could actually address it now. No time like the present, eh.

MudMan , avatar

But... you're on social media right now.

Gullible ,

Much like Reddit, user data here is worth little outside of LLM utility. Moreover, most of your data is freely available to anyone with a bit of patience and the ability to spin up an instance. Everything is open here, but what’s open isn’t meticulously indexed information about your hopes and dreams… I hope.

MudMan , avatar

Yeah, no, that's my exact point. It's not like data in the "fediverse" is particularly secure, beyond the fact that you can opt out of some parts of it in some applications. And it's not like it's not social media doing social media things.

I see a lot of this performative outrage or pride on being on the "open" version of social media, but social media is social media. A lot of its problems are design problems that are replicated in the federated versions, and a lot of the privacy concerns remain on paper or haven't surfaced just because this version of it is so small by comparison.

I don't think a lot of people who have made this crusade a key part of their online persona fully understand what the underlying issues are and how they work. "How can cybersecurity experts have a TikTok account" kinda reads like the "we need to ban plastic straws" of Internet dysfunction.

TheOctonaut ,

No he isn't? Social media is centred on posting about yourself and following people to see what they post. This is a link aggregation site with a comments section. By the definition of "place you can go and post comments on a topic", then Usenet is social media. Every website with a comment section is social media

The letters section of your newspaper is social media. No, the whole point and problem of social media is that people make it about themselves.

MudMan , avatar

So by your standards Mastodon counts but Lemmy doesn't? Is Mastodon part of the problem in that read of the situation?

TheOctonaut ,

Yes. Microblogging in general. It started bad with "had toast this morning" and "look at my lunch" and somehow we got influencers out of it.

Minotaur ,

I’m going to be honest, I’m kind of of this mindset.

I haven’t yet had a decent argument made to me regarding why I should personally care if TikTok or whatever has like… my age gender and what types of books I read and what apps I have on my phone.

haui_lemmy OP , avatar

Thank you very much for the encouragement! The amount of hate you get on a daily basis by speaking up is insane. Glad it hasnt flooded this post yet. :)

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