niktemadur , (edited )

Is there nothing that cannot be spinned into an alarming clickbait title?
There is a goddamned plague in the language.

Nyssa ,

I'm from a big wind state. It's absurd to me how unpopular wind farms have been among rural folk. It brings jobs and revenue and has a relatively small land foot print. I just don't get why people don't like them, except for culture war stuff :/

solo ,

It seems pretty expensive. It has a 20 year life-spam, with costly maintenance in-between. And performance seems to decrease every year

At 10 years of life, blades and gearboxes are needing to be replaced already so it is unlikely they will make it another 10 years. The cost to teardown a single turbine is $200,000, not including any payback from selling or recycling valuable materials, ...

I honestly don't think this is a topic that cost should matter anyways. Just saying.

Ashyr ,

This is a far more nuanced problem than I expected. The biggest hurdle seems to be that the best locations that have willing participants are already taken.

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