Green Energy

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How Quantum Dots Could Change the Future of Solar ( )

"Quantum dot technology has been in TVs for years, so why isn’t it already in solar panels? Well, there are a few challenges. If we can engineer around these challenges, then these little devices could have a BIG impact - breaking the limits of our current solar panels, and ushering in a new and radically more efficient age of...

Solar Power Is Bigger Than Oil For The First Time In History ( )

Solar photovoltaic energy is riding the wave of the future. Gas and oil have powered the previous hundred years of economic and industrial development, but demand for solar energy is growing even faster than China’s investment in green energy. Seven massive solar energy companies in China are building enough solar power that...

World's Largest Solar Farm Goes Online In China ( )

The world's largest solar farm, in the desert in northwestern Xinjiang, is now connected to China's grid. The 3.5-gigawatt (GW), 33,000-acre solar farm is outside Urumqi, Xinjiang's capital. The state asset regulator's website cited the Power Construction Corp of China and said it came online on Monday. The solar farm will...

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