Burstar ,
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2023 people.

systemglitch ,

Long live Trudeau!

can ,

I'll continue to vote NDP but you know Conservatives would do worse.

rozodru ,

well obviously they would but I'm not a fan of the NDP either. I don't even like the Liberals. christ it's so god damn infuriating that when I vote I have to vote for the party I hate the least. it's like waking up and someone asking me every day "ok do you want to be kicked in the balls, punched in the throat, or have some ribs broken with a baseball bat?" "I guess I"ll take the throat punch today"

can ,

Our electoral system could certainly still use some work but I am thankful to live somewhere where at least there's more than two options.

systemglitch ,

I don't know that. What I do know is we, as a country, are headed in the wrong direction and we have no decent choice out there to make things better overall.

TheFeatureCreature ,
@TheFeatureCreature@lemmy.world avatar

Literally enabling genocide.

rbesfe ,

Did you even read the export list? There's a reason it says "military goods" and not "weapons"

IndustryStandard ,

Selling bulletproof vests and Toyota Hilluxes to Boko Haram wouldn't fly either

streetfestival ,
@streetfestival@lemmy.ca avatar

And they'd also count towards enabling

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