Does anyone know what this flag means? ( )

I saw a convoy of about 30 cars on the highway back in October. I looked it up and found nothing. Then I see a Reddit post in /r/vexillollogy with the same flag and no useful answers.

It's so weird that people bought like 100 of these flags and there is no info on them at all!

I flipped the picture to make the flag the right way.

echodot ,

I think they're from the mirror universe Canada where they drive on the left.

Hacksaw OP ,

Adanac strikes again!

Spesknight ,

Make Canada green again?

beebers , avatar

It looks like the map has removed the border between Ontario and Quebec?

ILikeBoobies ,

Save us s'il vous plaît

Drusas ,

No, but I'd bet it has to do with being a participant of some particular group or another which has been doing the far right the trucker convoys.

Snowpix , avatar

Especially as it's being flown from a giant oversized pickup truck.

Fiivemacs ,

And they have some shit sticker with a transport truck and the word merci which is thanks in french.

100% some traitorous prick

AnotherDirtyAnglo ,

Just be happy you don't know... because it's undoubtedly dumb shit, and move along. :)

veeesix , avatar

I have to applaud these mental gymnasts. It must be exhausting to shift your identity from cult to cult.

Gork ,

Submerge America under the ocean and terraform Greenland to be the shape of a maple leaf.

RandomStickman , avatar

I support this movement

pearsaltchocolatebar ,

As an American, me too. We're a virus infecting the rest of the world.

xmunk ,

Also, continue to deny the existence of mythical New Zealand.

GreyEyedGhost ,

Another map that doesn't show New Zealand!

Kichae ,

It's really hard to tell without more signage from that particular "protest", but October seemed to be a month where the "Save the Children Convoy" was harassing the city of Ottawa. They're a group of loonies who believe that queer folks are pedophiles, actual pedophiles are sacrosanct community leaders, and that flouride and 5g are mind control, and that everything fascists want to ban is child abuse.

So.... Could be related to that.

hasnt_seen_goonies ,

It seems like it is 2 stock images put together by the person. So it could mean anything.

Hacksaw OP ,

There were at least 50 of these flags across 30 or so cars that I saw. But yeah, those aren't HUGE numbers so if they organized offline and distributed the flags among themselves it could be about anything.

hasnt_seen_goonies ,

That's really interesting, sounds like it is made to identify a group.

fuzz00713 ,

Beats me. Never seen it. Just deep dived for an hour trying to find it but no luck. Wonder if it isn't some new splinter Green group. Or a local Green Party's flag. Where was this?

Hacksaw OP ,

I saw it on the 417 between Ottawa and Montreal. This picture is in Ottawa.

Hector ,

We sure have a lot of interesting people in Ottawa don't we?

Death_Equity ,

Gemini didn't know and Copilot was absolutely incompetent.

potate ,

Please let it not be horrible, please let it not be horrible, please let it not be horrible....

Hacksaw OP ,

With the trucker convoy sticker and the anti-trans save our children sticker, I'd say the ods are is horrible.

polonius-rex ,

crazy that "" is somehow anti-trans to these people

Kichae ,

Being trans, gay, understanding of the world, or empathetic is what they're trying to "save the children" from, in that order of priorities.

stankmut ,

Save the children from what?

Policeshootout ,

I think it's to save them from sexual orientation education in schools? Some people think teaching our kids about gender fluidity and acceptance will somehow make them gay.

stankmut ,

Yeah that's my point. It seems like the person is saying that it's crazy to believe that the bumper sticker is anti-trans. It's a really common right-wing 'trick'. You make up a phrase implying gay or trans people are after kids and then go "it doesn't say anything about that on the sticker, I guess that says something about trans people if that's where your mind went" when called out on it.

polonius-rex ,

cool ur jets buddy you have it backwards

stankmut ,

Sorry, I've just seen nearly that exact wording from anti-trans people.

swordgeek ,

Specifically, it's to save their children (who are absolutely all straight and cis-gendered) from any exposure to others; except to ostracize, harm, and eliminate those others.

Here in Alberta, "Take Back Alberta" is a group of fear-mongering hate-based transphobic assholes who organized the "Save The Children" and other protests, and now are pulling the strings in our government. The leader is a contemptible home-schooled evangelical minister.

potate ,

Ahhhh nuts... I didn't notice the stickers...

xmunk ,

Any weird flags you don't recognize that don't involve rainbows are either sexual orientation flags (biaexuals have the best by far!) or some weird right wing shit.

urska ,

youre ok? you seem mentally unstable.

mp3 , avatar

That seems uncalled for, care to explain?

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