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Federated cover

Most of the alphabet soup: Queer Bi Lesbian and Non-binary Trans Woman.

Disclaimer: I am a bimbo, so assume that any claims I share are likely more nuanced and careful than my ditsy ass can put into words at any moment. Apologies in advance. 😅




Gender Euphoria Basics:
Gender Euphoria Basics for Trans Fems (

Transpiring Considerations:

Trans Music Monday:

Sapphic Music Sundays:

Profile picture: Photo of me dressed as Dr. Harleen Quinzel lowering her glasses and looking inquisitively at camera

Banner image: A comic panel of Harley Quinn saying "mmm...waffles" and daydreaming about a half-pug, half-waffle cover

Nerd. Likes to travel. Like to write about my experiences during travel and random thoughts at cover

hiya. about me:
i live in Miami
i like code
i like VR
i like loud music

let's be excellent to one another.

currently learning:
ASL, rearranging music

thank you for reading. cover

I endured a long career consulting to investment managers, during which time I published several articles in professional journals. That behind me, I now blissfully write fiction all day, then transform into house chef for my multi-species family.

Profile pic: Dolly (the first cloned sheep), now stuffed and encased in glass at the National Museum of Scotland. And me, an old white-haired man next to —Dolly's the pretty one.
Background pic: artist's conception of a neural net - cells, flashes. cover

I play #bass, #guitar, and more.

Used to play in several bands, run sound, band scout, and promote shows. Planning on doing that all again some day in the not-too distant future.

XMPP: [email protected]

✊🏽#Indigenous: BigStone Cree (ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐤ Nêhiyaw)
#antichristian#satanic 🌓#pagan ⛰️❄️🔥🌀
🥦#vegetarian, vegan when convenient. For all the reasons.
🗡️#straightedge. Not militant about either.
🏴‍☠️#pirateparty - | | cover

I burned all my old Fedi accounts to the ground and salted the earth on my way out. Now I’ve come crawling back.

I’m a husband and dad. I play bass and suffer from depression. I like music, old movies and baseball. I pull hard to the left but don’t call me a liberal or a Democrat.
#AntiFacist #Union #ACAB #Depression #BassPlayer cover

Kris Bock writes #mystery #suspense and #romance novels, many with outdoor adventures and Southwestern landscapes. cover

Né il y a 100ppm desormais
Écorché, révolté, éco-furieux ☘️💣
consommateur non modéré de podcast
aime bcp Nausicaa dans la vallée du vent et Mononoke, mais pas que
Amer Beton aussi et Mutafukaz
lit volontiers des livres, mais il est de +en+ addict au web et ce n'est pas bien, il me faut une houe

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