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Analysis of two decades' worth of antibiotic resistance shows antibiotic use is not the only driver of superbugs (

For the first time, researchers have analyzed the impact of antibiotic use on the rise of treatment-resistant bacteria over the last 20 years in the UK and Norway. They show that while the increase in drug use has amplified the spread of superbugs, it is not the only driver....

Evolution: Fast or Slow? Lizards Help Resolve a Paradox. | Quanta Magazine (

To Hendry, the paradox of stasis was never a paradox at all. The issue, he said, was that biologists assumed that long-term stasis was the result of short-term stability. Throw out that assumption, and the paradox disappears. “The paradox is illusory,” he said. “Evolutionary biologists like to come up with things and call...

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