Towerofpain11 ,

I am partially deaf so it's hard for me to hear lyrics, specifically the consanants of words. So I always sink into the song as a whole and vocals are just an instrument to me. When I read what the lyrics actually say I cringe a bit.

Chakravanti ,


amio ,

Yeah, a bit. I prefer instrumental music partly because of this, partly because lyrics distract me if I'm already doing something that involves words or writing.

shootwhatsmyname , (edited ) avatar

Holy crap yes—I just started making music with AI and it's an absolute black hole. I can finally start to create a certain mood or feeling I've wanted to capture in music and I get completely lost on repeat. I have always loved the deep levels of escape that some music nails really well, but now I can almost craft that for myself and it's wild. I guess sometimes getting lost in the music like that can feel like a bad thing, but other times that huge blurry mess of sound is kind of a nice escape.

adorable_yangire OP , avatar

ai music may be fun, but sadly ai everything lacks the heart to them so they never rly spark anything else than just fun or interesting stuff

shootwhatsmyname , avatar

Yeah, it will never be the same to me as the real thing, but the better it gets at imitating the real thing the more it will start to move us. Here’s a sample of some electronic music. I wrote the lyrics and then it generated it the music (after hundreds of iterations of course)

Kolanaki , avatar

Only when I'm super, super baked. I've always been more of the opposite; able to discern the actual lyrics even though the singer is mumbling through or the balance is off so the lyrics are being drowned out by the instruments. Kind of a disappointment considering my local grunge and alternative station when I was a teen had contests to guess the correct lyrics on Nirvana songs and shit, but the prize was always for something at a bar so I could never actually win the prize despite knowing the answer. :(

radicalautonomy ,

Often that is the case, especially if the lyrics are not clear enough to make out. Even when they are, auditory processing disorder is a lil shit sometimes.

Sometimes, though, something in the lyrics will jump out at me...a particular turn of phrase, poetic devices, alliteration, some deep metaphor...and that pulls me out of the music and into hearing the lyrics. The music is now in the background of the audio painting and the words come to the foreground.

Mango ,

Ahhh yeah. You need better headphones my dude. This was my issue for a long time until a buddy shipped me an HD598 and changed everything for me. 🤣

adorable_yangire OP , avatar

i do not need better headphones, mine can make me cry even at non-sad songs already. not the "issue"

Mango ,

I don't think they're supposed to make you cry.

adorable_yangire OP , avatar


Jarix ,

If the art is meant to evoke emotion, which isnt a rediculous idea, then its a sign of success.

Crying isnt a bad thing on its own

Mango ,

That's got nothing to do with audio clarity.

Jarix , (edited )


How something is created is deeply tied to the experience we get from it. If a tv is ao shitty it doesnt display yellow correctly, your experience is drastically changed from the experience you would have on a screen that displays things the way they are intended to be displayed.

Audiophiles go to great effort to recreate the exact experience the recording is meant to be experienced as.

Which means your tech can be so bad at creating the intended sounds you are supposed to be hearing, you cant have a good enough experience to invoke the emotions the artists work can invoke because the experience is flawed and does not exist the way it should when you are listening to it

Jesse what the hell are you talking about?

Jarix ,

Can you listen to Will to Death by Jon Frusciante on your headset and tell me the you think of the experience? I'm just curious how other people react to it and it seems like you might be interested in the experience even if not the song

For a bonus experience do it again but wear the head set backwards

adorable_yangire OP , avatar

that jus sounded like beatles full left/full right mixing, yugh eh, didn't enjoy how that felt like sry ;-;

Jarix ,

Its the first time i heard something like it. Its soooo much more weird on a good headset than a speaker!

optissima , avatar

Seems like you dont have this then, as it has nothing to do with audio quality.

Mango ,

Did for me and I know that good audio quality isn't easy to come by. It's worth suggesting.

xpinchx ,

This might be adjacent to, or part of, auditory processing disorder. I'm ADHD/apd it's a killer combo.

frogfruit ,

Same. It's a struggle for me to learn lyrics unless I'm reading them at the same time. And then by the time I learn the song, I'm often sick of it.

TeckFire ,

While I can’t relate to not enjoying lyrics in songs, I have an adjacent perspective. I love listening to each instrument on its own, like focusing on each one, but at the same time. Sounds odd, but it’s like if I close my eyes and let the music wash over me, every piece of the song plays as if individually, yet I can hear them all at once, and it is beautiful. Additionally, I like to think of vocals as their own instrument. Less of a separate thing from the instruments and instead just a different one.

This last one probably stems from my love of metal music, since often screaming and/or yelling is put in there, which means several words in a row that don’t have variations in pitch. It’s almost like “vocal percussion” in that sense.

hoshikarakitaridia ,

Sometimes there's songs with next to no singing and I get this feeling of belonging and sadness, but I love those songs.

shootwhatsmyname , avatar

This is exactly what I search for in music. It's this beautiful, lonely, nostalgic place where I can almost reach out and touch a fragile moment I've never experienced but somehow always needed. It ever so slightly fills that empty feeling that I've already lost everything I love and I'll never get it back. It's like a taste of what my life could have been.

optissima , avatar

Holy shit I used to experience this too but I've lost it since an extended (ongoing) burnout. I hope to feel this again one day.

Jarix ,

A little playlist of one of my favorite artists. No vocals. These songs are ones that ive listened to on repeat for literally weeks at a time

I am love guitar so it may not be for everyone.

Joe Satriani:

Tears in the Rain

Always with me, Always with you

Sleep Walk

I hope you enjoy them, thank you for listening

PineRune ,

I was about to comment how relatable this is having ADHD, and then I saw what community this is in. So yeah its very relatable lol.

cobysev ,

Same here. I have ADHD and never hear the lyrics to songs. My wife is always making me replay songs so she can explain the significance of the words to me. I just like the tune.

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