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Federated cover

An itinerant squirrel poet, aka @MaJ1

New to the whole word smithing thing so don’t be too harsh.

Write as the muse hits me in the face, so output will probably be irregular, but I want to explore a world of art n poetry that has previously eluded me so will be boosting along those lines.

Boosting is the algorithm here, so if you like my stuff please get it out there 🙏 cover

Let’s share the experience, and the journey.♾️❤️ cover

Masha du Toit, #writer of #ScienceFiction and #Fantasy, living in Cape Town, South Africa. #Autistic, Afrikaans, and #nonbinary 🙂

Post about #ThingsISaw, am fascinated by #etymology, love #cycling, have pet #rats, fan of #criticalrole. #fedi22

Middle aged Progressive; Formerly @roknrolzombie at the bird app. I enjoy science and music - not in than order. I complain a lot. Hopium vendors need not apply, I'll only frustrate you.

Alt-text for profile pic: me, a middle aged white hippy sporting a beard and top hat. I don't look irritating.

Reply guy, drive-by poster. Don't worry, i'll agonize over my replies more than you will.

Note: "Shut up" is less polite than "You can stop talking now", but both work. cover

This is now my main account! I hope to share some drawings and paintings here and get inspired by other fedi artists! I occasionally build furniture as well, but am still practicing at that! Also, I'm bisexual and genderfluid. (I do not think of myself as a furry - the name comes from my cat.)

P.S. I have a brain injury and am #ActuallyAutistic


Profile pic: An orange tabby cat dressed like the Mona Lisa painting. cover

I’m Matthew and I build international neuro-affirming autistic communities thru empowering my fellow autistic humans with advocacy methods & self-care tools for navigating an NT world based on productivism. ထ
🟠 My personal interests include #History #Autism #Meditation #Urbanism #Cooking #Whales #Jazz #Korea #Socialism #Judaism & I’m a passionate Pizza 🍕 Coffee ☕️ Deli 🥪 enthusiast
🔵 #AuDHD #ActuallyAutistic #AutisticLiberation #Neurodivergent
Check out my various links in the About tab cover

Let’s share the experience, and the journey.♾️❤️ (Import from Planet Noob) AuDHD since my memory starts. Just discovered in year 418.53 ppm. Turns out I wasn’t a true alien 👽. Survivor of entry into the friendly strange planet in the year 336.84 ppm

I have no hole into which you can pigeon me. I'm unique. Just like everyone else. cover

🇨🇦Artist, Intersectional Feminist, Spiritual, Nerdy. #art #portraits
Masks are visible expressions of solidarity, truth, & love.
Mottos: Love all, take shit from none.
Don't become what you hate.

She/Her #Neuroqueer #ActuallyAutistic #cPTSD #MeToo #Whistleblower

No racists, misogynists, TERFS, AI, Blockchain #nobot

Header: #Painting of a Daomadan of Peking Opera looking side-eyed & sneering.
Profile painting: white woman with red hair, wearing emergency blanket, Kilim behind. (Not me). cover

One Voice. Raw. Real. Fiercely Neurodivergent.

🎤 Free Podcast

#ActuallyAutistic ♣️

I’m an #AutisticElder. In my 70s. Born before autism was invented…

Been a meditation teacher, cult member, magazine publisher, ad agency owner, non-profit activist, 3-time grad student, 3-time husband, homeless, mental health counselor, substance abuse counselor, cult counselor, homeless, fast-food clerk, Pretend Rock Star, homeless…

I offer my life... cover

Producer. People Developer. Public Servant. Good dude.

Cubanx. Autistic. Dad. He/Him/Jawn/Youse

Love languages: disc golf, live music, smoked meats, coffee, weed and rye. Writes, sings, drops bars and beats, plays bass + keytar.

Generally kicks ass. Clutch Quizzo team member.

Chicago-based, Forever Philly cover

I put bugs in software. Master of half-finished projects.
Irony is my default setting.
Hate factories, but love conveyor belts.
Buzzword-Driven Development.

Totally not a robot.
Definitely not a mouse.

Pan-Demi-Sexual, not Pandemic-Sexual.

// Your Plastic Pal Who's Fun to Be With

// Cats of all sizes also welcome
#YesKittens #YesCats #YesTigers cover


Born at 340 ppm, living in #Hannover, Demokratin, secretly hopes to be a research witch. Natur, Struktur, Bücher, Psychologie and everything else, too. Lieblingsfarbe bunt, Lieblingssymbol unendlich [haha, The Irony], #AuDHD und auf dem langen Weg zur Imago. Hobbies Lesen-Lesen-Lesen.

"Nicht jeder Tag ist gleich!1"

tootfinder, tfr. This account's toots are searchable. cover

“Lacks self control”

  • Mrs Duncan (2nd grade)

Professional ruminator

#ND #ADHD #CPTSD cover

was a techie in a previous life. now a professional medical mystery and a cat from outer space. also @miaoue cover

Just a queer bard (and gamer) getting through life while trying to use what skills she has to help make people's lives just a bit better :sylveon_squish:

:cat_wave: Pronouns: She/Her
:ms_earth_world_map: Languages: JP/EN (both native)
:ms_musical_score: Instruments: Violin (primary), cello & flute (secondary)
Extra notes: :heart_trans: :infinity_heart: :heart_bisexual:

(Check out my introduction for more details~)

:zerotwo_learn: Oh, and don't be afraid to DM if you'd like to ask questions or just chat~

:ms_eighteen_plus: Please do not follow me if you're a minor. As someone that is trans femme, it's a precaution I have to take.

If you'd like to help an artist survive financially:
Every bit helps me survive to play another day :espeon_love:

Usual streaming times (in PST (GMT-8))
Friday - 17:0021:00
Saturday - 17:00
Sunday - 16:00~20:00
(Rough schedule, times fluctuate a bit)

I am not from Twitter, and I don't like the culture that arose from that site.

I do understand the lure of the shitpost, but I don't think it does anything good for anyone.

I like philosophy, although I am wrong about everything (from your perspective).

I believe that people who like logic don't tend to understand logic.

I believe there are bullets that must be bitten, but not at any cost.

I am opposed to fascism, and believe there are natural limits to all freedoms, also of speech. cover

Hi, I'm "Mike 🩼🇨🇦". You may remember me from such films as I accidentally deleted my account while trying to delete a different account with the same email address. I blame the covid. You may know me from posting #Politics, or from #HashTagGames or my alter egos:



I lost 10.5 months, 1200 follows, 550 followers, so please follow and boost! I always return a follow, and I boost and favourite a lot cover

🏴󠁣󠁡󠁱󠁣󠁿🇨🇦🇺🇸 I'm an #ActuallyAutistic white male-presenting #enby (#nonbinary, he/they/she). Self-dx. Late-dx. I discovered that I was probably on the spectrum in March 2023. I believe that it is my #cancer that altered my #brain in such a way that I am less able to #mask now.

I'm also a #Zen #Buddhist, #pansexual, #polyamorous, and into #BDSM.

Je parle aussi #français. (Le tabarnak de drapeau noir est supposé être un drapeau du #Québec.) cover

Hi, I'm Ben.

I'm a heady mix of a serious responsible grown up man and a stupid man-baby idiot with delusions of grandeur.

I'm a big nerd, really into music, cooking, books, films and scifi. I hate/love running and generally love being outdoors.



📷 cover

I used to host my own instance over at @dorian. my instance got borked so I'm over here now!

I'm queer, nerdy, and I love fixing things. I love learning how things work and building my own. Nonbinary and bisexual, acab. cover

Recently identified late Dx Autistic he/him. Artist, designer, engineer.

Avatar: Full color selfie photo of me, a 51 year-old white man in a blue and white striped button down dress shirt, wearing eyeglasses

Background: A 3D rendering of a rainbow colored arrangement of rows of Crayola crayons created by me in Lightwave with textures I created in Illustrator cover

not your typical neuron.
de gustibus non est disputandum.
black lives matter. trans people are people.
pronoun: he.

#ActuallyAutistic #autistic #ADHD #AuDHD #neurodivergent #neurodiversity
#queer #SciFi #webdev #RubyProgramming #pastafarian #nobridge
AKA @joshsusser

Aka rabia.elizabeth on Metafilter as of February 2023. Sheydem-tants is my old handle.

GenX, US citizen, now living in #Andalucia, Spain. #Muslimah, occasional writer of fiction and blog posts on #Islam, editor, translator.

Currently learning Arabic, very slowly. #ActuallyAutistic .

Expect some cat and food related posts! #AmWriting #Writing #AmQuerying #Editing #Translation #Castellano #Islam cover

Full time carer, software engineer, electronics hobbyist, occasionally makes music.
:therian:🐺 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 :asexual_flag: :neurodiversity:#ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD

The mightiest orbot of them all. #Transformers, #DogsOfMastodon and assorted geekery.


⚲ sie/ihr, they/them; wenn ich nicht schreibe, bin ich tot; Sprachen: de, en cover

Neurodivergent knot untangler - slaying your brain gremlins with practical, personalised help (and #Notion templates).

Social media manager at Time For Kindness.

Passionate about accessibility and #sustainability. Learning #BSL.
Learning to sew, grow and mend for a #SolarPunk future.

#ActuallyAutistic cover

liminal space of an existential somnambulist

[he/him] #actuallyautistic #genx
🇨🇦🇺🇦🇵🇸🖤🌈☮️☠️🔞 cover

Writer, graphic artist, creator of @scarfolk. "This guy, who apparently saw the future" - Edward Snowden. Neurodivergent (ASD/ADHD).

Banner image: A selection of Scarfolk books & merchandise.
Avatar image: Black & white photo. Me: bald, bearded, bespectacled, and seemingly unaware of the enormous arachnid with the face of a malevolent baby, and the plague doctor, behind me. cover

Currently mucking about in;

simcity 4
sims 3
sims 2
open sim

Also doing a bit of writing (comedy)

Most likely #autistic with #adhd

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