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New video, on the sensory environment in schools: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGe537Qbx/

Extracted from and : https://monotropism.org/wellbeing/

The sensory environment in the average school seems to be set up with the assumption that noise, flashing lights and visually busy classrooms are no problem: that learners should be able to simply filter out these things and ignore them.

School architects and designers rarely seem to take into account that these things occupy learners’ precious mental resources, and can prevent some students from focusing at all.

Too often, the spaces set aside for break times are even noisier and more chaotic than the classrooms and corridors – they may not feel like breaks at all for monotropic kids who already feel overwhelmed by the time they leave the class.

Some learners badly need a quiet space, perhaps with low lighting, to achieve a sense of stability and calm. I have heard of teachers and librarians making special arrangements for kids who are obviously overwhelmed at break times, like “helping out” in libraries or sorting store cupboards, which is great – but meeting these learners’ sensory needs should not require special arrangements.


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