Ask Kbin

Easy workflows for intentionally upscaled art? ( )

So the basic idea here is using a low-resolution texture that is designed specifically to be upscaled (anything but the first 3) to a simpler smooth aesthetic. Pixel blob/triangle/hexagon etc in with a 32x-or-lower texture (which is all that is downloaded), crisp shape(s) out. Also probably things like lineart for faces (or...

The worst documentary you've ever saw ? ( )

For me, it's The revelation of the pyramides. It does everything that shouldn't be done when making a documentary: fallacies, approximations, bad math, not relevant experts (and sometimes so-called experts who are experts of nothing at all), conspiracism, but above all, a completly fucked-up postulate: ancient building have been...

How much do you use Kbin for microblogging? ( )

One of the things I find cool about Kbin is the fact that it's a platform for both thread aggregation and microblogging. How much do you use the latter side of things? Do you make microblog posts, actively browse the microblog tab, view them in your home feed, or rarely touch them?

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