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I’m just a weird, furry, pan guy (cis he/him). I also have a big, blue username. I tend to edit everything I write like a million times within the span of a couple minutes after posting, so if you see one thing and suddenly it changes, that was just a first draft. 😅 cover

silly little trans girl am into vr/xr tech, linux and privacy mostly

come join our 196 matrix space (please)

I swear I’m not Jessica

Hi, I’m Miss Brainfart.

I’m afraid of sharks, with the exception being blåhaj. What could that possibly mean, huh.
(That’s not a hint, I genuinely have no idea)

Lemmings can also find me on Matrix, if they desire to do so for e2ee reasons cover

I do a lot of photography and I share it on my deviant art page.

It’s SFW, don’t worry. cover

Cutest demon girl ull see :3 I get funny meme ideas and post mostly in 196 and femcelmemes, I like meeting new people so if u think Im cool feel free to DM on Matrix or lemmy 🖤(evil girls use evil hearts >:3)

I’ve hidden scores so if you downvote me tell me what I did wrong pls&ty :3

She/they. Greek-American. Trying something new.

Our News Team @ 11 with host Snot Flickerman

Account abandoned due to dbzer0 members disparaging me for sharing my experiences and trying to provide interesting leftist OC cover

He/Him cover

he/him | a loser |


in a state of panic

dare to be stupid!

the jerma gif folder (updated 3/20/2024)

despair music

with regards to jermait was a joke but now I am the clown

she/her my name’s alice, i am the gay critter inside your computer. new pfp fursona art done by me

emergency account:

Hello Gordon. cover

👽Dropped at birth from space to earth👽


Despite all my rage I’m still a rat refreshing this page.

I use arch btw

Credibly accused of being a fascist, liberal, commie, anarchist, child, boomer, and db0’s sockpuppet.

Pronouns are she/her.

Vegan for the iron deficiency. cover

No banana fixates on despising bananas, triggered by their sickly sweet aroma and mushy texture, fueling a relentless crusade against the yellow scourge. No one reads these anyway. cover

She / They blobhaj, flag, bisexual

Yuri lover with Touhou brainrot. cover

Gay | 30s | Trekkie | Canadian

Note: I only post memes I have saved, I don’t make them. cover

I love programming. i love homestuck. old account on [email protected]. upon learning about’s policy about needing to be over 18, I moved over to [email protected]. To mods, please don’t delete this account. Lock it or something, I don’t want everything here to vanish. cover

moved to @reimufumo

she/her 🏳️‍⚧️

moved to @sunnie

Alt of PugJesus for ensuring Fediverse compatibility and shit

he/him 🏳️‍🌈 • serval 🐆 • software engineer in Seattle

Real Life Cockroach

I mainly post my dogs here

My neocities website cover

Hi there!

I’m Oha and I run the funny fake download button instance More about me: cover

The most annoying thing about being famous is having to tell everyone how famous you are.

Every community I care about is dead

A bisexual nonbinary poster of memes and other things • They/Any cover

No one compares You stand alone To every record I own Music to my heart That’s what you are A song that goes on and on cover

A #ttrpg nerd and a #rodent lover.

Pfp is my #hamster, Mister Peanut Butter, looking shocked at me taking a picture of him while he's busy grooming himself. Banner picture is of my two #cavy boars, Oreo (right) and Coffecake (left), who are claiming that I have never fed them once and will soon starve to death, despite the full food bowl behind them. cover

Sounders / Defiance / OL Reign fan
Boston expatriate
Adriana's husband cover

If I’m no longer active, I’ve most likely killed myself :)

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