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Midnitte , in I hate summer rule

The alternative is to move to NJ and drive a car 1 hour to work, that way, you never see the sun directly.

DessertStorms , in shared rule is log(rule) avatar

Thanks for the reminder..

(though I second them being a little creepy)

DessertStorms , in Emoji Rule avatar

I love how they've given Ireland the most weight in the UK by far for some reason.. 😂

niktemadur , in Rule

The ol' office k-hole.

irmoz , in shared rule is log(rule)

Their faces scare me

Zoldyck , in Emoji Rule


Land_Strider ,


plunged_ewe , in Emoji Rule

😂 is the most used emoji in England, Wales, and Scotland. In Northern Ireland it's ♥️ yet this is also the most used in the UK. So either the data is wrong or Northern Ireland is pumping those numbers UP.

Tommelot ,

It could be Simpsons paradox!

HonoraryMancunian ,

Yeah I'm willing to bet this map is bs

froots , in femcel rule

You couldn't just look at the picture to see who to give credit to? @lanaflowerz is written right there in the bottom right and they have an account on Instagram at least

GodyGade , in Emoji Rule

Hope Antigua and Barbuda is alright...

azi , in rule

Beneath the salt sea of humanity's weeping, a terrible chasm abides. It couldn't be darker, it couldn't be deeper. It is stained with a bloody red tide. but we stay silly :33

azi , in ruƖe

Gur languages moment

azertyfun , in Emoji Rule

A bunch of countries just have their own flag as an emoji... The author barely managed to identify which emoji tourists use when posting about their trip on twitter.

1rre ,

the data is clearly fucked given the whole UK mess, and given it's all either small countries, authoritarian hellholes or both which have their country flag I'm inclined to believe it's a "no data" placeholder

warm , in Emoji Rule

This might be one of the worst designed maps I have ever seen...

WarlordSdocy , in This is how it will go this weekend, its the rule.

This is what I was able to take a picture of after driving out into rural northern Oregon. Wasn't this clear to the naked eye but you could still faintly see it and it showed up good on camera.

occhionaut ,
m4xie , in This is how it will go this weekend, its the rule.

It's been amazing here in British Columbia, Canada. And I'm right on the border.

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