/c/ is under refreshed management

Hey there! You may recognize me as a mod over on /c/, a Star Trek-themed meme and shitposty community. We love having our fun and hanging out but we're also not averse to some serious discussions or news as well! While it is always allowed in TenForward, we realize that there might be a better place for it....

Asking for a Linux (or non-Windows) laptop during a job interview?

I'm interviewing for a software dev job currently (it's in the initial stages). If things work out, I'd absolutely prefer a work laptop with Linux installed (I personally use PopOS but any distro will do), a Mac will be second choice, but I absolutely cannot tolerate Windows, I abhor it, I hate it... (If all computers left on...

AutoForge - Game that combines Terraria with Factorio?

Just came across this game, and seems like a very good game for people who are into Terraria and or Factioro, as this seems to be a mix of the two. Quite the smart idea if you ask me. The planned Release Date is 27 Mar, 2024, however there is a Demo available on Steam already. I've never played Factorio so dont judge me to...

Are there any communities on Lemmy where bilingual people can communicate or practice? Specifically French.

I speak French as a second language (not fluently) and I am trying to find somewhere on Lemmy where people who speak French as a first or second language could communicate with me and people with a similar interest. At my level, just trying to go to French Lemmy instances or communities isn't practical, the proficiency...

Just a public "goodbye letter" (delete when?)

I've been on the Fediverse for like 2 weeks and the system itself was pretty good and even enjoyable. But I can't stand what's being posted recently. It looks like the humanity is just dead. The negative influence is real on here (and I think it's around the same on other social medias) plus I have some personality development...

Older Computer Programmers & Engineers

Lately, I was going through the blog of a math professor I took at a community college back when I was in high school. Having gone the path I did in life, I took a look at what his credentials were, and found that he completed a computer science degree back sometime in the 1970s. He had a curmudgeonly and standoffish...

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