U.S. sends Ukraine seized Iranian-made weapons ( wapo.st )

The Pentagon has provided Ukraine with thousands of Iranian-made weapons seized before they could reach Houthi militants in Yemen, U.S. officials said Tuesday. It’s the Biden administration’s latest infusion of emergency military support for Kyiv while a multibillion-dollar aid package remains stalled in the Republican-led...

Using AI to spot edible mushrooms could kill you | AI tools are good for some things, but don’t trust your health to apps that make frequent mistakes ( wapo.st )

In particular, know how to identify the common and deadly species (eg: much of the genus Amanita) yourself, and get multiple trustworthy field guides for your part of the world.

In the Amazon, a new way to live off nature ( wapo.st )

But now a smattering of solar panels across 12 villages in a couple of Ecuador’s deeply forested eastern provinces are making Canelos’s vision materialize. Every morning, before dawn, his people pass around a bowl of wayusa, a traditional drink made from a local plant that helps bring their dreams into focus. In them, they...

Game of clones: Science is immortalizing Argentina’s top polo horses ( wapo.st )

the extent to which this polo-obsessed nation has already fundamentally transformed the sport and the nature of horse breeding was evident on the field at the Argentine Open in Palermo in late November. As the players and the clones watched a video montage memorializing the late original champion mare, her name flashed across...

Ancient elements of cool | How these homes in the hottest places keep cool without AC ( wapo.st )

Fathy, a progressive architect with a deep respect for the past, broke with the dogmas of modernism, the generic boxes of concrete and steel, plugged into the electrical grid, that had become a universal symbol of Western progress around the globe. He was interested in something more radical, and better suited to Egypt:...

Rep. George Santos expelled from Congress on bipartisan vote ( wapo.st )

The House on Friday voted to expel Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) from Congress — an action the chamber had taken only five times in U.S. history and not for more than 20 years — in response to an array of alleged crimes and ethical lapses that came to light after the freshman lawmaker was found to have fabricated key parts of...

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