Are there any communities on Lemmy where bilingual people can communicate or practice? Specifically French.

I speak French as a second language (not fluently) and I am trying to find somewhere on Lemmy where people who speak French as a first or second language could communicate with me and people with a similar interest. At my level, just trying to go to French Lemmy instances or communities isn't practical, the proficiency...

Mannheim: 83-jährige fährt in 17-jährige Radfahrerin ( German

Eine 17-jährige Radfahrerin befuhr um 14:42 Uhr die Luisenstraße in Neckarau und bog nach links in die Germaniastraße ab. Eine entgegenkommende 83-jährige Fahrerin eines Seat wurde von der tiefstehenden Sonne derart geblendet, dass sie die Radfahrerin übersah und das Hinterrad der Jugendlichen erwischte. Die 17-Jährige...

Just a public "goodbye letter" (delete when?)

I've been on the Fediverse for like 2 weeks and the system itself was pretty good and even enjoyable. But I can't stand what's being posted recently. It looks like the humanity is just dead. The negative influence is real on here (and I think it's around the same on other social medias) plus I have some personality development...

Is it normal to forget your own age?

I'm still in my 20s, but as of a few years ago I started forgetting what's my exact age. I always have to stop and recalculate it each time someone asks me. I get asked fairly infrequently, but when I do it's a bit weird/embarrassing that I have to say "wait, let me calculate". (I know when I was born, of course.)...

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