Asking for a Linux (or non-Windows) laptop during a job interview?

I'm interviewing for a software dev job currently (it's in the initial stages). If things work out, I'd absolutely prefer a work laptop with Linux installed (I personally use PopOS but any distro will do), a Mac will be second choice, but I absolutely cannot tolerate Windows, I abhor it, I hate it... (If all computers left on...

AutoForge - Game that combines Terraria with Factorio?

Just came across this game, and seems like a very good game for people who are into Terraria and or Factioro, as this seems to be a mix of the two. Quite the smart idea if you ask me. The planned Release Date is 27 Mar, 2024, however there is a Demo available on Steam already. I've never played Factorio so dont judge me to...

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