One month ago, I didn't really know what 3D printing was. Yesterday, I designed in FreeCAD my first model and printed it. What an amazing experience.

I still have no idea what I'm doing really. Just too determined to give up I guess, and it's been such fun. Anyway I made a guitar pedal light switch cover. Still a lot of work to do, and every time I look at FreeCAD the wrong way, the model breaks, but it's been a fun experience nonetheless....

Chief justice centers Supreme Court annual report on AI’s dangers (

Chief justice centers Supreme Court annual report on AI’s dangers::Chief Justice John Roberts warned that courts will need to consider the proper use of artificial intelligence (AI), portraying it as a new frontier for change in an annual report that follows a turbulent year for the Supreme Court. “I predict that human...

Watch electricity hit a fork in the road at half a billion frames per second (

In this video, I measure a wave of electricity traveling down a wire, and answer the question - how does electricity know where to go? How does "electricity" "decide" where electrons should be moving in wires, and how long does that process take? Spoiler alert - very fast!...

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